Apple claims to threaten legal action against Chinese tipsters leaking information from unpublished devices


Apple claims to threaten legal action against Chinese tipsters leaking information from unpublished devices

The leaks are in many ways a double-edged sword. They inspire consumers who always want to find out what new features and specifications may be coming to the device they are interested in. But while leaks may draw attention to a particular product, companies like Apple have over the years tried to turn off the information flowing into these leaks before the information that was supposed to surprise consumers after the announcement is already known.
Recently, Chinese leaders Kang and Duan Rui have received correspondence from Apple demanding that they stop disclosing images and specifications of future Apple products, and the company threatened legal action in China if they did not comply. To show how close Apple has been following these tips, AppleInsider says the company claimed to have insisted that the leaks could not be called dreams or riddles. Some tipsters refer to the leak as if it had come to them in a dream.
Kang says he “will not publish riddles and dreams in the future,” warning other leaks that Apple is carefully looking for messages that disseminate information about unpublished products that could be considered “commercial data infringement and misuse.” Apple’s efforts may make it harder to build the following users to submit new tips on Twitter, Jermaine, the creator of the concept said that a Dutch lawyer has wanted to talk to him about the rendering for the AirPod Max he had previously done for FPT’s Jon Prosser.

Back in 2017, Apple held an internal seminar on stopping leaks. The news that Apple led this seminar was leaked! Data gathered during the seminar showed that Apple CEO Tim Cook and other company employees hate the leaks. That seems obvious, of course, but Apple seems more determined than ever to fight future product information from vendors and leaks who are willing to pay big bucks to buy these tips.

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