Apple Health information can be shared directly with your doctor and family on iOS 15


Meanwhile Google has not given up on digitizing your personal health information with the new hospital chain collaboration, Apple can eat lunch in the field simply by leveraging information gathered in its health app.

That’s all Apple Watch Sensor readings go for example, and Apple now offers you the ability to share your health information not only with your doctor, but also with friends and family so users have a “reliable partner in their health”.

New Apple Health data features in iOS 15:

  • Walking stability – new mobility algorithms assess balance, stability and coordination using iPhone / Watch sensors.
  • Trends – long-term changes in the various health and fitness data that Apple Health integrates.
  • Better Labs – blood work laboratory data monitoring and analysis.

All of these new and old data points can now be shared securely with either your doctor or loved one, so you can have both an expert and someone closer to you, stay up-to-date on your health and fitness points at the same time to expand coverage if something unexpected happens.

For now, Apple Health data can be shared with the following U.S. HMOs, while Apple is working to expand the list by then. iOS 15 and watchOS 8 hit your palm and wrist.

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