Apple introducing App Tracking Transparency and more in the iOS 14.5 update

 Apple is rolling out iOS 14.5 next week with features and support for AirTags. The App Tracking transparency is finally rolling out, making it challenging for some companies to access user data. The iOS 14.5 will update the Apple Maps with real-time traffic info competing with the Google Maps.

Apple preparing massive iOS 14.5 updates with easy-to-life features.

The App tracking transparency has garnered a lot of attention. The feature allows users to hide their web activity and stay anonymous. The App tracking transparency can allow or deny any app to track your IDFA or user identification for advertisers. Facebook has been hit the most as most of the revenue do formulate from selling users’ data. Now, if you opt-out of the App Tracking Transparency, you will receive only general ads.

Apple AirTag

The AirTags are the new addition to Apple’s product. The iOS 14.5 brings all the functionality directly to your phone. The AirTags helps to find your products directly attached to the tags. Apple has introduced its Ultra-Wide Band, offering precise tracking better than Bluetooth and GPS. Each of the AirTags is accessible in the FindMyPhone application.

iOS14.5 FaceID Update

iOS 14.5 updates allow users to unlock their phones while wearing a mask. Due to the Pandemic, we all are forced to wear masks. Apple’s FaceID technology requires a full scan of the face before unlocking the device. The newer update allows users to unlock their phones through Apple Watch. The Face ID unlocks the device when in close proximity with the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch costs around $199, which is quite expensive considering you have to buy $200 just to open your device.

The Apple Maps is not the best considering the dominance of Google Maps. But the new features like real-time traffic updates will improve usability. The feature will alert users about accidents, speed traps, traffic, and more. Siri is getting two new voices offering Black American Voices. New devices won’t come with a default digital assistant voice and will prompt users to choose a voice when setting up devices.

The new update will role next week. All the supported devices will download the update soon as it’s available or you can manually download it through the Settings app.           

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