Apple iPhone 13 looks pumped and jacked – Leaks till now


Apple iPhone 12 is only about 6 months old, but the new iPhone’s speculations are all over the internet. The iPhone 13 has been the talk of the town for a while with some significant design changes. The new iPhone 12S or just the iPhone has tons of leaks and speculation that has filled the Apple community. We are not sure, but the iPhone 13 needs quite a significant change to surpass the iPhone 12.

Not all of the leaks might be implemented in the newer iPhone. Most of the sources might sound promising, but there is a lesser chance of Apple implementing the feature. We will be running down some of the top and relevant features that might make it to the final iPhone 13.

The next iPhone is portless.

Even before iPhone 12’s launch, everyone mostly talked about this leak. This rumor has been lingering since the days of the iPhone 7. Ever since Apple removed the headphone jack on the iPhone 7, people have been speculating the iPhone to go portless. 

The smart connector on the iPad Pro is an excellent addition to the device. The USB-C port was a revolutionary change on the iPad Pro, but the smart connector could do more. The iPad Pro directly connects with the magic Keyboard accessory with the contact points. 

Apple Smart Connector

Apple could use the same connection on the iPhone to convey data to another system and charge the iPhone. The Magic Keyboard allowed the iPad to be used as a laptop and further charge the device. We might see the new revolutionary change with what might be the next “Smart MagSafe” charging system.

Wireless technology has improved a lot in the past years, and Apple’s latest MagSafe charger is quite an impressive feature. But if Apple needs to pump more power to the wireless charger. The MagSafe charge only can provide a maximum of 15 watts. That is relatively slow compared to its 20-watt charging with the standard lighting iPhone charger. To make the next iPhone portless, Apple has to provide wireless charging over 20-watts. 

OnePlus released its massive 30-watts wireless charging dock, and it is fast. Apple can also do something with the new MagSafe design pushing over 30 watts like OnePlus. But it matter of optimization and the RND cost. 

Return of the Touch ID?

Apple ditched its Touch ID from the iPhone X series, and it has remained the same for all the released iPhone devices. Don’t get us wrong; Apple has the best Face ID technology with its IR sensors offering the most secure encryption technology. But the under-the-display Touch ID might just add more security for the iPhone device.

in screen fingerprint sensor

Android devices have been flexing the under-the-display fingerprint sensor with every company using their technology. The optical in-screen sensor has been the staple and the fast responding sensor, where the ultrasonic sensor on the Galaxy S21 series is a fair bit slower. 

Apple might look to introduce the latest fingerprint sensor, but why stop there. The Touch ID security is the old-school method in-built in the iPhone SE. If Apple manages a way to cram the ultrasonic sensor under the display, it will increase the device’s value. But Apple won’t simply stop there; reports say the company looks to build a fingerprint sensor covering the whole screen. That is hard to achieve and will increase the total cost of the device as well. As consumers, we are okay with a simple fingerprint sensor; that is all we want on the newer iPhone.

A Bigger battery for the more longevity

The battery wasn’t a big issue for the iPhone 12. Even though boasting only a 2,815-mAh battery, Apple still can cram more battery life out of it. The A14 Bionic processor and optimized iOS helps the device last a whole day with everyday use.

But that doesn’t mean the iPhone could use a bump in the battery life. iFixit said the iPhone 12 uses a 2,815 mAh battery which falls behind the Galaxy S21 and OnePlus 9 series. If Apple looks to implement the newer Pro Motion displays on its device, the battery has to increase. The optimization and the battery saver tweaks are good, but we could use some extra juice at the end of the day.

A bigger battery leads to an enormous body. Apple might have to redesign the whole body to fit in a bigger battery. But we can live with a slightly bigger body and few significant design changes. Plus, we expect a portless design, so an enormous body might not hamper the overall iPhone design.

Pro Motion Display for Gamers and Consumers

Hey, the industry has shifted towards high refresh rate displays. Apple has to step up its display game as even budget phones like the Samsung Galaxy M12, OnePlus Nord N105G, POCO X3 Pro, etc., offer a 90Hz – 120Hz refresh rate display. Not to mention the higher-end flagship model comes with a 120Hz display and a 300MHz touch sampling rate.

iPhone 12 display

Apple did introduce a 120Hz refresh rate display on the 2017’s iPad Pro. The iPad Pro had a fluid motion display with quite an optimized operating system. So why just stop at a 60Hz display when the industry is moving forward. The rumors point out the iPhone will come with a 120Hz refresh rate display. Aside from the gaming advantages, scrolling through the website or the animation looks more immersive. 

Apple might not bring a 120Hz refresh rate display on all its devices, but the Pro Models are more deserving of a display upgrade.

New Camera Setup and Portrait Video mode

Apple is no stranger to cameras and has been top-notch sensors on its iPhone and iPad devices. The A14 Bionic processor does a good job processing the images putting out the best possible result. The iPhone 13 is speculated to come with new lenses, new camera sensors, and an improved stabilization system on all the sensors. The rumors suggest a massive upgrade to the camera department.

iPhone 12 camera

The iPhone 12 received updates on the selfie, wide, and ultrawide cameras. The Pro version comes with a 2x telephoto camera, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max gets a 2.5x Telephoto sensor. According to the rumors, the iPhone 13 might get a larger sensor for its wide cameras. The telephoto camera will remain the same. The iPhone 13 Pro and the 13 Pro Max will have the same telephoto sensor. TIll now, the rumors point Apple might bring a sensor-based stabilization for the wide sensor. 

All the cameras will get an improvement in the low-light photography with a faster aperture lens. The wide lens will also get an f1.8 lens improving the low-light photography. Apple is rumored to release its portrait video mode for its latest iPhones. The company needs to plan accordingly to adjust the depth of field. Android is already up and fronts with the Portrait video mode, leaving Apple behind.

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