Apple iPhone accounted for 42% of global smartphone revenue in the first quarter of 2021



With the exception of resorts, Apple has never been and probably will not be the world’s largest smartphone maker. But is that really a bad thing? The latest market data suggests that it is not.

The iPhone accounted for 42% of net sales, but only 17% of shipments

Wide report from Counterpoint study Apple reveals that Apple generated a staggering 42% of total smartphone revenue (estimated at $ 113 billion) in the first quarter of 2021, despite accounting for only 16.8% of global shipments. Apple. A year earlier, as the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread around the world, Apple supplied 13.6% of all smartphones and generated 34.4% of revenue.

Opposite point says brand performance is due to the success of the company iPhone 12 series and the so-called a reflection of demand from the delayed launch in the fourth quarter of 2020 iPhone 12 Pro Max played a particularly important role in increasing Apple’s revenue share, according to the report, thanks to its strong performance in both Europe and the United States.

Just yesterday, Apple said record revenue for the March quarter $ 89.6 billion, an increase of 54% over the previous year. The iPhone alone accounted for $ 47.94 billion of the total, an increase of 65.5% from the previous year.

Samsung’s share of revenue declined despite the early launch of the Galaxy S21

Samsung ranked second in smartphone revenue, accounting for 17.5%. It’s not far from unaffected, but the figure has dropped to the 20.2 percent it received in the first quarter of 2020.

Interestingly, Samsung’s share of shipments rose from 19.9 percent a year ago to 21.7 percent Opposite point. This suggests that Samsung’s share of mid-range and affordable Galaxy A devices was higher this year.

In spite of Galaxy S21 series emphasized, as did Samsung’s dominant position in the niche foldable smartphone segment, which is expected to increase competition from Huawei, Xiaomiand others later this year.

Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi finished in the top five

Xiaomi the share of all smartphone deliveries in January-March 2021 was 13.7%. However, its continued focus on the entry-level segment accounted for only 7.6% of net sales. However, the brand has recently moved into the premium flagship segment, and especially in Europe, it could give the brand a welcome addition to the revenue department. It accounted for 8.2% of global smartphone revenue and had a market share of 10.7%. Both figures will rise significantly to 5.8 percent of revenue and 7.6 percent of deliveries reported in the first quarter of 2020.

Opposite point says that Oppo’s success is mainly due to its aggressive expansion in Europe following the fall of Huawei’s grace and the strong momentum of the Oppo A and Oppo Find teams.

Close to Oppo was Vivo, which accounted for 8.0% of net sales and 10% of the broadcasting market. The brand’s flagship Vivo X60 series has worked well.


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