Apple iPhone users must install this security update now or lose control of their phones


A week ago today we told you Apple was released the expected iOS 14.5 update. What made this update so desirable was the feature that allows iPhone users to unlock their phone just by wearing an unlocked Apple Watch Series 3 or later. Masks that block Face ID have been robbed by iPhone users to unlock their handsets by typing in their password.
Because many users aren’t sure about their password, Apple decided that the easiest way would be to allow an unlocked Apple Watch to unlock to unlock users ’cell phones when using a face mask. The update also added an App Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature that allows iPhone users to decide whether they want to participate in tracking third-party apps (which results in receiving online ads) or whether they no longer want to be traceable at all. So far, 47% of those surveyed have chosen and will continue to be monitored.
Today, a week after Apple pushes iOS 14.5, the company has released another update, and this has important security features that you should implement. Upgrade to iOS 14.5.1 fixes a couple of vulnerabilities that could allow hackers to execute commands on the victim’s iPhone. Imagine a stranger who controls your handset perfectly.

Meanwhile Apple sent a support page today iOS 14.5.1 and iPadOS 14.5.1, where it said that “Handling malicious web content can lead to arbitrary code execution.” To make this more serious, the technical giant said on the support page that “Apple is aware of a report that this problem may have been actively exploited.” Go to to upgrade to the next build settings > General > Software update.
Given the potential severity of the exploit, you may want to take care of this update and install iOS 14.5.1. iPhone 6s or later, immediately, if not earlier. The update is also available to everyone iPad Pro models, the second generation iPad Air and newer, the fifth generation iPad and newer, the fourth generation iPad mini and newer, and the seventh generation iPod touch.


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