Apple is a luxury product, but not for the $ 449 AirTag Hermès pricing


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No, this isn’t a mockery of how overpriced Apple products are, even if the company sells its fair share of eyebrow lifters like the Mac Pro’s $ 699 tire set. It’s trying to find a reason why buyers of Apple products behave like a luxury product, even though it’s not seemingly Gucci, Ferrari, or yes, Hermès.

It’s the definition of a luxury brand itself, insofar as Apple is the most valuable company, even if it’s just selling consumer electronics, a business that traditionally has a thin margin on the razor.

How does Apple do it?

Recently, we came across an ad where a girl sold her Galaxy S21 Ultra, lists the reason for the sale casually “upgrade to iPhone”. What did you say?
The blood of green Android began to boil because the phone is hardly more camera, monitor or battery-powered than the S21 Ultra, but the user’s mind transition to the iPhone, its screen refresh rate, masonry application garden and so on camera specifications were considered an update. How have Apple products become such a status symbol?

  • Emotional ties: Steve Jobs wanted to sell people access to an exclusive world of cult-like secrets around his inner actions. Damn, it lasted iPad Pro 2021 Apple can mention how much RAM it has!
  • The weight of the brandA: Apple is the most successful brand in the world’s most prominent and marketing-focused market. If there was an Apple-like company in your country, would you still buy an iPhone? It’s a self-fulfilling patriotic prophecy in the world’s most media-covered market, for better or worse, and half of U.S. users now carry the iPhone, further reinforcing their message.
  • High quality user-centric products and ecosystem synergiesA: Steve Jobs wasn’t the first to put a computer in your pocket, but he made it easy to use, and Apple added an ecosystem of such ‘it just works’ products, focusing on design, software, and performance, mostly successfully, so far.

Actually, Apple is fleeing to sell midrangers at high quality prices because it has created an aura of value around its name in relation to what traditional French or Italian luxury fashion brands have done, but that’s just part of it.

What do you think is the reason for Apple’s luxury goods status, so pricing is – space, quality, brand visibility, device synergy, all of the above, something else?


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