Apple is changing the way it responds to legal requests after receiving a subpoena from the DOJ


Apple is changing the way it responds to legal requests after receiving a subpoena from the DOJ

Apple announced last Friday that it would change the amount of information it releases after receiving a summons. Apple only recently announced that during the Trump era, the Department of Justice, under Trump’s direction, served Apple with several lawsuits demanding company information about some of the democratic legislators Trump considered among its enemies.

Apple received a challenge from the DOJ that forced it to provide 73 phone numbers and 36 email addresses

In February 2018, Apple received subpoenas from the Department of Justice seeking 73 phone numbers and 36 email addresses for a total of 109 tags. Although Apple provided this information to the DOJ, it refused to provide the agency with photographs and individual emails. New York times Apple said last week that the challenges sent to Apple and other companies were related to a study conducted by the DOJ on behalf of Trump to find out who in the media spilled information about Trump ‘s affiliates’ contacts in Russia.

Times (through Reuters) said the DOJ, based on information it received from the challenge meetings, examined at least two Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee, their assistants and family members. Believe it or not, this included one minor child.

Apple said it had no idea about the investigation, and provided the Department of Justice with only basic information such as “account information,” including names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers, contact logs, and IP addresses. Apple pointed out that it did not provide the DOJ with any information that would reveal who could have sent the messages and when they were sent.

Slightly clarifying, Apple said the subpoena (which included a federal judge’s gig) “did not provide information on the nature of the investigation, and it would have been virtually impossible for Apple to understand the purpose of the information sought without digging through users’ accounts.”

Michael Horowitz, chief inspector at the Department of Justice, said Friday he was investigating how the Trump administration seized communications from Democrat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Horowitz examines the DOJ’s “use of subpoenas and other legal authorities to obtain communications information from members of Congress and stakeholders and the news media in the context of recent investigations in which government officials allegedly unauthorizedly surrendering to the media.”

The auditor added that his audit “examines the department’s compliance with applicable DOJ practices and procedures and whether such uses or investigations were based on inappropriate considerations.” A White House official called the actions of the Trump administration “appalling.”

Apple will only provide up to 25 tags for future information requests

Apple has set limits on future requests for information to 25 IDs for each legal request. Apple was not allowed to tell its customers about the challenges due to non-disclosure agreements that were extended three times, each year. When the NDA expired on May 5 this year, Apple was able to notify affected customers of investigations and subpoenas.

The two Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee included in the DOJ’s Apple request were committee chairman Adam Schiff and committee member Eric Swalwell. The former made a statement last week, saying: “President Trump has repeatedly and blatantly demanded that the Department of Justice implement his political will and tried to use the department as a hug against his political opponents and members of the media.”

Swalwell confirmed to MSNBC that the Trump administration was seizing his Apple data. One of the Democrats who threw his hat in the ring and ran for president last year, Swalwell is concerned that if Trump aspires again in 2024 and defeats the president, he “can only bypass the Department of Justice and its processes and only order his lieutenants to lock in his political opponents.”

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