Apple is launching a major e-commerce reform


The Apple Store was mysteriously closed on Tuesday only for about an hour, but it has come out of downtime with a whole new look and a dedicated tab for Apple top-level navigation.

At the top of the store are pictures and links to many Apple product lines (Mac, iPhone, AirPods, etc.). Some of these links take you to products on new special store pages that show what models are available and point to resources like shopping guides, accessories, and support. The store’s main page also has sections on what’s new, links to support pages, and more.

IPad category in the new Apple Store.

The new design is full of cards – it’s somewhat similar to Apple’s iOS app. It feels mobile at first, and there’s horizontal scrolling between the phone’s cards, which doesn’t turn as well on the desktop. There are arrows on the surface of the site that you may need to tap.

IPhone 12 Mini’s new online store.

As far as we can tell, there are no new products – this update seems to be a whole new layer of paint for Apple’s online store. And the pages for the actual purchase of the product don’t seem to be any different than before.

Change to store arrives before Apple is expected to be busy in the fall – the company is rumored to be working iPhone 13, new AirPodsand new MacBook professionals that everything could start soon. Whatever products Apple eventually announces, there is now a new store that can introduce them.

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