Apple is manipulating App Store search to favor its own apps over the competition


Apple is manipulating App Store search to favor its own apps over the competition

Back in 2019, New York times and Wall Street Journal, it seemed Apple ranked its own apps ahead of similar apps in the App Store search function. Legislators are seriously concerned about this and have been in contact with other companies that sell their own products alongside third-party brands such as Google and Amazon. Apple denied doing anything wrong and as reported Limit, the company demonstrated a secret algorithm that it uses with 42 variables to prevent it from manipulating App Store search results.

The email shows that Apple is manipulating the App Store search results to favor its own app

But now it looks like Apple added search results to the App Store. An email released during the Epic vs. Apple trial showed that the technical giant apparently admitted that it had increased the placement of its own Files app above the competition lists over an 11-month period. Apple’s application search director Debankur Naskar hinted that a somewhat sore bank was running at Apple when he wrote in an email, “We’re removing the manual addition and the search results should now be more relevant.”

Naskar responded to an email from Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, a major Apple partner at the time. Sweeney had “encountered” Apple after the latter’s Files app first landed in the App Store search results when he searched for Dropbox. While you may not be able to distinguish the leader’s tone from the words written, you can imagine Sweeney sounding amazing when he emailed Apple saying “Dropbox didn’t even appear on the first page [of search results]”

Apple explained the problem by telling The Virgin that its Files app had Dropbox integration. Thus, Apple included “Dropbox” in the Files metadata, and as a result, Files always ranked before Dropbox. This answer does not match Naskar’s comments about “removing a manual addition.”

The late Steve Jobs wanted Dropbox dead when it rejected its offer to buy the company for Apple

Dropbox has been Apple’s problem until 2009, when Apple CEO Steve Jobs said iCloud would help kill Dropbox after Jobs couldn’t convince Dropbox CEO Drew Houston to sell the then-starting company to Apple.

Two years later, the top six results in the “music” area were Apple’s own music-based applications. Pandora remained in eighth place. In December 2018, the first eight search results were all for Apple’s own apps, some of which were unrelated to music: (Apple Music, Garage Band, iTunes Remote, Music Memos, Logic Remote, iTunes Store, iMovie, Clips), while Spotify was number 23.

After Spotify had appealed to European regulators, the April 2019 results were much different on iTunes and Apple Music numbers 1-2, but on Spotify’s fourth and YouTube Music’s fifth. Apple had no other apps to show up in the App Store for “music.”

Apple issued a statement to The Verge saying: “We have created the App Store as a safe and reliable place for customers to find and download apps and a great business opportunity for all developers. App Store search has only one goal – to get customers what they are looking for. “It’s fair to all developers, and we don’t benefit from our applications over any developer’s or competitor’s applications.

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