Apple is updating AirTags to fix major privacy issues


Apple announced earlier today that a major update is coming with new AirTages designed to address the privacy concerns raised by many users shortly after the gadget was launched. For those of you who are not read our previous report, it’s very easy to follow someone with Apple’s AirTag, especially if they’re using an Android device, not an iPhone. it. The privacy issue is not affected iPhone users because they are notified if a stranger AirTag moves with them for a certain period of time (usually several hours).

For now, Android users will only be notified after three days if someone is following them with AirTag. Fortunately, Apple announced that it is now releasing an update that fixes this privacy issue (via CNET).

Apparently Apple is referring to Android users who are now being notified of potential AirTagit move with them for up to 24 hours. In addition to the new update, Apple confirmed that an Android app capable of detecting AirTags will be released soon.

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