Apple markets M1-powered iPad Pro using “words” from iconic Disney character


Apple is marketing an iPad Pro powered by the M1 engine "lyrics" iconic Disney character

From time to time, the rumor mill comes to life over speculation Apple and Disney are talking about the merger. But Apple has traditionally avoided huge stores, preferring to make smaller, cheaper purchases for companies with niche products. Of course, there have been exceptions, such as the $ 3 billion acquisition of Beats Audio and the $ 1 billion it spent to buy most of Intel’s smartphone modem business.
Thanks to the acquisition of Disney’s Pixar, Steve Jobs’s trust was for some time the largest Disney shareholder. And while Disney would have been a profitable place for Apple to invest some of its money, Apple obviously hasn’t thought of Disney as a strategic partner.
What brings it out is Apple’s latest 60-second TV commercial iPad Pro (2021). If you remember, Disney The little Mermaid was about Ariel’s desire to become human so she didn’t have to be stuck living underwater. In an Apple ad, PC users seem to be syncing to the Little Mermaid song “Part of Your World” as they get stuck in offices and buildings jealously watching iPad users enjoy using a tablet.
With one girl’s PC cables wrapped around a chair in her cramped apartment, another girl is out in the park watching video content on her iPad all over the world. Another computer user crawled on the floor of a nearby coffee shop looking for an outlet to which it can be plugged in when he sees iPad Pro The user of the Magic Keyboard works at the counter without worrying about finding power.

Please mark a line? “Your next computer is not a computer.” See that this ad appears in a 60-second or customized 30-second version this weekend.

And yes, this is a tablet powered by Apple’s powerful M1 chip, manufactured using a 5nm process node and carrying a whopping 16 billion transistors.

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