Apple may release the iPhone 13 on September 24, an analyst says the date of the incident


Apple may release the iPhone 13 on September 24, an analyst says the date of the incident

Wedbush analyst Dan Ives already revealed many of the expected new iPhone 13 features in a recent memo to customers, but more interesting is that he has also added iPhone 13 release date forecasts based on his supply chain.

According to the original report iPhone 13 may have a 1TB storage option – speculation, which was actually landed from another source, but the analyst is playing now, so do what you want – and also add a LiDAR camera to all models in the series to enable true augmented reality. Add to these new camera series, 120 Hz monitors and potentially larger batteries, and the iPhone 13 may be a hit on landing, but when will it be announced and launched?

Apple iPhone 13 announcement event and release date

  • iPhone 13 event: September 14th
  • iPhone 13 Release: September 24th
By An updated memorandum from Mr. Ives, Apple will host the iPhone 13 event in the “third week of September.” A quick glance at the calendar will reveal the date of a possible iPhone 13 event on Tuesday, September 14th.

It’s not hard to deduce the start of the pre-order here on September 17, as well as the release date for the iPhone 13 on September 24, as Apple’s Tuesday-Friday-Friday iPhone release schedule usually goes up.

According to Wedbush analyst Asian supply chain sources, Apple is the largest seller in the banking series on the iPhone 13, with up to 45 percent of the original items Apple ordered to assemble in the third quarter.

The analyst estimates that iPhone orders for all four expected 2020 models will be 130-150 million in the second half of the year, with the fourth quarter naturally representing the majority of deliveries.

Initial iPhone 13 orders Apple has reserved from suppliers for the coming quarters are said to be 20 million more than it requested iPhone 12, so the Cupertino team is apparently quite lively with the generational upgrades it will introduce with its most popular 2021 iPhone model. Could it mean Finally a 120 Hz display? No, at least we wouldn’t go that far no vanilla for iPhone 13.

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