Apple Podcasts will eventually integrate subscriptions and channels



Apple Podcasts will eventually integrate subscriptions and channels

During a spring-laden event Apple announced that integration of in – app subscriptions and channels was coming to Apple Podcasts in May. Later, podcasters received information that the launch of these two features will be delayed until June. Well, here we are, it’s mid-June, and we finally got them.

Support your favorite content providers

You can now subscribe at the touch of a button and have the ability to support the most enjoyable podcasts. You can get rewards and benefits from your money, such as ad-free episodes and additional content. In addition, content producers can give you quick access to scheduled new episodes or archived episodes, but here’s a noteworthy caveat. Apple charges a 30% commission on all orders, which means that your support will only partially reach the intended beneficiary.

Fortunately, you can still show your appreciation through services like Patreon, which gives the content provider much more flexibility to reward their fans. So at the end of the day, the Apple Podcasts app only serves as additional revenue that can only benefit all parties.

The channels are here

For channels, the creator is a way to bundle their performances together and give them a unique title, description, and work of art. The feature is free for podcasters whether they use subscriptions or not. As with programs, listeners can choose between free channels, premium channels, and paid channels.

Some major podcast networks, such as Wondery Plus and Lamp have partnered with Apple to make it easier for listeners to subscribe to and get paid programs at the touch of a button.

Big A will definitely have more work to do until Apple Podcasts is emptied and a complete platform, but it looks like it could really benefit the Podcast community in the future.

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