Apple reportedly provides iPad users with enhanced multitasking and widget placement through iPadOS 15


Apple reportedly provides iPad users with enhanced multitasking and widget placement through iPadOS 15

When Annie sang in Broadway’s eponymous production, “tomorrow is just a day away.” And tomorrow Apple streams its tightly executed exhibition called WWDC 2021, which previews iOS 15, iPadOS 15, watchOS 8, and other technical giant operating systems. As you might expect, there are plenty of leaks, rumors, tips, and now there are even more.
By Bloomberg reliable Mark Gurman, iPadOS, includes an “enhanced multitasking system that makes it easier to use multiple applications simultaneously.” Currently, iPadOS allows users to view two apps simultaneously using the Slide Over feature, allowing a third app to be viewed on top of the other two. The concept artist, who has an Apple RUMORS Twitter handle (@ a_rumors1111), tweeted a picture of what he thinks the multifunction feature looks like, and his picture shows three apps, each taking up a third of the screen.

One Twitter subscriber who responded to the concept image said, “Yes, you can have one screen / app open, but they’re smaller. Less to see. Surely it’s less productive?” However, it is likely that users will be able to use multi-touch to zoom in on content that belongs to one of the three open applications, if necessary. However, we should note that according to the Gurman report, Apple will only improve the way iPadOS does multitasking, and new features such as the tweeter three-screen concept will not be announced tomorrow.

Apple is also improving the use of widgets on the iPad screen, which has so far been limited to appearing on the left edge tablets. With iPad 15, users know they can place widgets on any tablet home screen. And they can also interact more with the device, such as starting and stopping music streaming on the iPad.
You can view the WWDC Key Meeting tomorrow, which is expected to take place on Monday, June 7, at 10:00 a.m. PDT (1:00 PM EDT). You can find the live stream at Apple’s YouTube channel, Apple Developer on your iPhone and On the website. And don’t forget to check with us all day for the latest news and analysis related to WWDC 2021.

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