Apple says it’s changing music forever


Since the beginning of this month, we’ve been rumoring several rumors about the Apple Music streaming music app. There is it around the water cooler Apple offers a new level of service that delivers lossless sound for a monthly fee. Just yesterday, we mentioned how code strings were found in the Android version of the Apple Music app revealed new information in Apple’s view.
Apparently, after the Apple Music update, there are three or four different sound quality options: powerful, high-quality, lossless, and large-scale lossless. 10GB of space stores 3,000 copies in high quality, 1,000 copies in lossless and 200 copies in high def lossless. Although we thought about it Apple could announce Apple Music’s new Hi-Fi feature by June 7, when the virtual WWDC Developer Conference opens, we have something new to announce.
In addition, more information is used to stream the same song as hi-res lossless compared to lossless and high quality. For example, a 3-minute track with no lossless, powerful, shreds 1.5 MB of data. In lossless quality format, 6 MB of data is consumed. 36 MB of data is used lossless during a 3 minute track and 145 MB in hi-res mode is lossless.
According to 9to5Mac, In the main browser ad in the Music app, you see that Apple is harassing an upcoming notification. The giant of technology warns us not to prepare because music is changing forever. Below this sentence is the Apple Music logo. If you have nothing better to do, tapping the teaser will allow you to enjoy a short animation (15 seconds) with the aforementioned Apple Music logo.

We can hear about the official nature of Apple’s new Apple Music initiative right on Tuesday, May 18th. Keep signing up with us here at PhoneArena.


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