Apple to set up North Carolina campus with up to 3,000 employees, increases U.S. consumption targets


Apple announced Monday that it will establish a new campus in North Carolina with a capacity of 3,000 employees, expand its operations in several other U.S. states and raise its consumption targets with U.S. suppliers.

Apple said it plans to spend $ 1 billion (approximately SEK 7,460) to build a new campus and design center in the North Carolina research triangle. Most jobs are expected to focus on machine learning, artificial intelligence, software engineering, and other areas of technology. It relates to a billion-dollar (approximately Rs. 7,460 crores) campus in Austin, Texas, announced in 2019.

The North Carolina Economic Investment Committee on Monday approved a job development grant that could provide Apple with up to $ 845.8 million (approximately SEK 6,300) in tax refunds over 39 years if Apple meets its job and growth goals. According to government officials, 3,000 jobs are expected to generate $ 1.97 billion (approximately SEK 14,690) in new tax revenue for the state during the grant period.

The iPhone maker also announced that it will set up a $ 100 million (approximately SEK 745) fund to support schools in the Raleigh-Durham area of ​​North Carolina and the entire state and to contribute $ 110 million (approximately SEK 820). help build infrastructure such as broadband, roads, bridges, and public schools in 80 North Carolina counties.

“As a native of North Carolina, I am excited that Apple is expanding and creating new long-term job opportunities in the community where I grew up,” said Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer.

“We are proud that this new investment will also support training and critical infrastructure projects across the state.”

Apple also announced that it has expanded hiring locations in other U.S. locations to reach 20,000 new jobs by 2026 and by setting new targets for facilities in Colorado, Massachusetts and the state of Washington.

In Apple’s home state of California, the company announced plans to hire 5,000 people in San Diego and 3,000 people in Culver City in the Los Angeles area.

Apple also raised its U.S. spending target to $ 430 billion (approximately SEK 32.06,190) by 2026, after Apple set a five-year target of $ 350 billion (approximately SEK 2699690) in 2018 and said it was on track to exceed.

The item includes Apple’s U.S. data centers, investments, and expenses to create original TV content in 20 states. It also includes consumption with Apple’s U.S.-based suppliers, although Apple has not said whether it only applies to products made by those U.S. suppliers.

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