Apple Wallet supports IDs and door locks on iOS 15


Apple Wallet supports IDs and door locks on iOS 15

Apple Wallet and it is Car key functionalities get a host of new features with iOS 15. The Cupertino company has revealed its plan to completely eliminate the need to bring a wallet with you, and it sounds absolutely ambitious.

Apple believes it is a Wallet app that is much more secure than a physical wallet. The company also wants to exchange your physical keys and state ID cards. Working with hotels and car brands, the iOS 15 Wallet app has more features than ever before. Check out the full list of new iOS 15 features and us a list of iPhones that will receive the update.

The keys

Car key

Last year, Apple introduced the CarKey feature to its Wallet app. This feature allows the user to unlock and start their car without a physical key. The first carmaker to partner with digital keys is BMW. The German carmaker now supports digital keys on all models built from summer 2020 onwards. The function is called the BMW Digital Key and is available iPhone XR, XS or later and Apple Watch Series 5 or later. Apple devices require iOS 13.6 or later and WatchOS 6.2.8 or later to support the feature. iOS 15 adds support for Ultra Wideband technology. This is the same technology used by car manufacturers today for a keyless car. This allows Apple feature users to open and start their car without having to pull the iPhone out of their pocket, purse or bag, as with car manufacturers ’current keyless electronic keys.

Add CarKey to your Apple Wallet by downloading the car manufacturer app from the App Store, checking to see if it supports the new feature, and activating it. Apple has not announced any new partnerships with other car brands. You can always check with your dealer to see if the feature is available for your car.

You can also share CarKey with other iPhone users so they can use you in the car.

Real estate keys

Apple is also introducing smart door locks in its Wallet app. With iOS 15, you can unlock your house, apartment, or apartment if it has the required door lock. This feature uses a face ID to verify your identity before opening your home.

The company also announced that the new home opening feature of the Wallet app will also support hotels and bed & breakfasts. A partnership with dozens of hotel brands was announced, and more than a thousand hotels will support this feature with the release of iOS 15.

A couple of years ago, when Apple Pay was introduced, more and more retailers and services began offering the feature. With Apple’s intention to replace your wallet, we can expect similar Digital Keys support in the future.

identity cards

What may be the biggest addition to the Wallet app has been reported to be the addition of IDs. For example, passports, driver’s licenses, and other identification tools can be used in the U.S. states participating with Apple Wallet. Airports can also verify your identity with the app, as the U.S. Transportation Safety Administration is already working to support the new feature at airport security checkpoints. Digital ID cards use the same security technology as Apple Pay. This technology is hardware-based, which allows it to be secure enough so it can store your private information. ID cards will come into the Wallet app later this year.

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