Apple was considering the release of the black ceramic Apple Watch Edition


Apple was considering the release of the black ceramic Apple Watch Edition

We all know that nothing sells like a sleek and attractive design. Companies pay so much attention to the appearance of their products, given this fact Apple is an excellent example. They focus very heavily on design, which is undoubtedly one of the most important factors in their success.

A very notable design of the company was some white ceramic version Apple Watch in the series earlier. Recently a collector and leaker nicknamed Mr.White (yeah, science!) shared shots black ceramic Apple Watch Edition series 5.

Unfortunately, we never got to see such a variant of the Series 5, but there was probably a solid rationale behind the decision. During that time, we also had an Apple Watch made of Space Black stainless steel. Based on the black ceramic image, they would have looked very similar, so perhaps it was decided that the two could not coexist.

Nevertheless, we don’t even see a white ceramic alternative every time. We got it first in the Apple Watch Edition series 2. Then with series 3, we got to see so far the only one different from the white version – gray ceramic. However, there were no such options in Series 4 and the current one Apple Watch Series 6.

At the launch, the technology giant stated that making consumable materials with these materials takes a lot of time:

“The process of creating the Apple Watch Edition begins with a high-strength zirconium powder that is combined with alumina to achieve its rich white color. Each case is pressed, sintered, and polished with diamond slurry, resulting in a remarkably smooth surface and fine shine. preparation takes days. “

However, I can’t deny that every ceramic version seen in the Apple Watch Edition series has looked great to me. I think quite a few people want to see it come back.

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