Apple Watch Series 7 may take new health sensors for better battery life


Apple Watch Series 7 may take new health sensors for better battery life

There have been several reports Apple Watch Series 7, which is expected to unveil probably sometime in the fall of 2021. MacRumors reports that opportunity Apple Watch Series 7 bypasses the addition of new health sensors for longer battery life may be a fact.

The smaller S7 chipset frees up space on the watch case

New report Chinese website Economic Daily give us more information about Watch Series 7 plans. The report comes from a source in Apple’s supply chain, and the source mentions that Apple has been working on a new S7 chip that is actually smaller. The smaller processor frees up space for a larger battery cell that can be installed in the Apple Watch. The above report also suggests that the space freed up by a smaller processor could be for new sensors; so far, however, several reports from trusted sources have stated that the blood glucose sensor will not reach Series 7 and may come in the coming years. For body temperature sensor Bloomberg says it can be introduced in 2022.

If Apple has decided to add a bigger battery cell and improve the battery life of the Apple Watch with the Series 7, it’s definitely a welcome move. The battery life of the Apple Watch 6 is currently about 18 hours, and while this is not bad and is comparable Galaxy Watch 3, for example, other smart watch vendors like Garmin and Fitbit have watches with longer battery life.

So far, we know that Series 7 will bring improvements to wireless connectivity and the U1 Ultra Wideband chip. The watch is expected to sport with thinner display frames and a brighter display thanks to updated display technology. It is expected to be released in the fall alongside the new iPhone 13 series.

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