Apple Watch’s World Timer face leaks during WWDC video


Apple Watch's World Timer face leaks during WWDC video

Apple accidentally revealed to the watch a new dial with several Apple Watch users are looking forward to the fall when watchOS 8 should be released. The face yet to be unveiled is called “World Timer,” and it appeared at a WWDC session on Tuesday when the topic of UIKit was discussed, leading to speculation that the “World Timer” collection will be unveiled with watchOS 8.
Image posted by an iOS developer Duraid Abdul (@duraidabdul) who spread it on Twitter. If world clocks are your thing, you are definitely interested in this dial.
And if the design looks familiar, it’s because it resembles a world clock made by Seiko. The outer frame consists of 24 cities in the order of time zones. There is an internal 24 hour watch ring that moves at the same time as the hands of the main clock.

The home city can be selected by rotating the outer ring until the city in the user’s time zone is at the top of the dial. The hometown time is displayed on the main screen, while the 24-hour clock displays the hours of each city on the frame wheel. The “World Timer” screen leaves room for four complications selected by the Apple Watch user.

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