Apple will postpone the mandatory return to the office until January 2022


Apple will postpone mandatory return to offices until at least January 2022 because it points to an increase in COVID-19 cases. The company notifies its employees with one month’s notice before they have to return to personal work.

In an internal email sent tonight, Deirdre O’Brien, director of human and retail, encouraged employees to get vaccinated and said Apple retail stores are still open.

“I know the frustration feels like the pandemic isn’t over yet,” he wrote. “For many colleagues around the world, this time has been a time of great tragedies, suffering and heartaches. Notice that we are all here supporting each other and standing with each other in such challenging times. “

The company, which has previously encouraged most employees to make it from home, changed its position in June Tim Cook said he was testing the hybrid work model which would require employees to return to the office three days a week from the beginning of September. The date was then postponed at least until October – and now the new year.

Some employees have pressed strongly against this modeland said they wanted a more flexible policy where anyone who wants to work from home can.

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