Apple will release iOS 14.7 just as the MagSafe battery will appear on the shelves

Apple has released iOS 14.7, an update that allows iPhone 12 owners to take full advantage of the MagSafe battery pack, HomePod users can control timers from their phones, and more (through 9to5Mac).

Undoubtedly, the most interesting feature of the update is support for new hardware: Apple recently released MagSafe battery, which should soon arrive at shops and thresholds. At least one of the chargers has has already fallen into the hands of the customer, so Apple seems to be releasing the update over time.

The update also brings improvements to the HomePod timer experience, allowing you to manage timers from the Home app instead of having to rely solely on your voice. Apple has also added a new Apple Card feature that it announced in April: Two Apple Card Family users can now combine their accounts to combine credit limits while keeping the lowest interest rate.

Some of the features in 14.7 do not seem to be available to them running iOS 15 beta, and it still doesn’t look like there are enough MagSafe battery packs in nature to get a clear picture of how well they work with iOS 15.

Apple has also released WatchOS 7.6, which brings the ECG app and irregular heartbeat alerts to another 30 locations, as well as tvOS 14.7. Apple Security Updates page says the latest iPadOS version is still 14.6, so iPad users may have to wait a little longer to implement the update on their devices.

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