Apple will see a lack of an iPad later this year


As we said this afternoon, Apple announced a second-quarter bombing iPhone revenue grew 65.5% and iPad sales 79% from the previous year. After the report was released, Apple hosted a traditional conference call and Apple received big (albeit rising) news.
According to AppleInsider, CEO Tim Cook told listeners that the iPad and Mac may have delivery issues in the second half of this year. The manager stated that the question comes from demand, not demand. Asked how the global chip shortage will affect Apple, Cook said: “We expect supply, not demand.”
Apple already knows the impact of the chip shortage, admitted CFO Luca Maestri. Maestri said Apple expects “strong double-digit growth” from the previous year in the current quarter, but in a row he expects to see higher-than-normal tax cuts from the second quarter to the third quarter.

This confusing outlook has prevented investors from sending Apple shares sharply after the technology giant’s second-quarter tax earnings report was released. As of this writing, Apple shares will rise to $ 3.14, or 2.35%, to $ 136.72 in muted trading.

When asked when Apple would see the chip shortage end, Cook said it was difficult to answer with a good answer. “In order to answer this question accurately, we need to know each player’s actual demand and how it will change over the next few months, so it’s hard to give a good answer,” Cook said. He added that “we have a good understanding of our demand, but I don’t know what everyone else is doing. We will do our best, I can tell you that.”

During the conference call, Cook also mentioned early user feedback on the Application Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature, which was introduced last Monday with the iOS 14.5 update. ATT prompts users to choose if they want to continue tracking third-party applications to receive online ads. Users can also choose not to follow them. The decision is expected to be made by 68% of iOS users.

CEO Cook said the ATT feature was created to allow Apple to defend its customers. The manager says the feedback has been “huge” but couldn’t say whether most users had opted for tracking. Despite the uncertainty in the figures, Apple’s CEO said that even if only a small percentage of people would use it to refuse to track it, it would be worth it.

“Most people should decide for themselves whether they would like to follow them or not,” Cook noted, with the new feature aiming to put the user in control, not Apple or a third party.


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