Apple’s 2021 iPhone is reportedly in video format mode


Apple’s future flagship iPhones, likely to be called the iPhone 13 line, will automatically be able to blur the backgrounds of footage as part of the new video format mode. new report from Bloomberg. This “Cinematic Video” feature is said to be one of three new new camera features coming to this year’s iPhone. The other two support ProRes video recording and new photo editing options.

The improvements are related to another camera update that is believed to be coming to this year’s phones. Last November, reliable Apple analyst Min-Chi Kuo said that the phones ultra-wide cameras would be improvedwith a larger aperture for better low light shooting.

ProRes support is especially useful for video editors, as they can better control the material once it has been shot. Its rumored arrival follows the addition of ProRAW support to Apple’s iPhone configuration last year, allowing more flexibility in photo editing. As for the photos, Bloomberg reports that this year ‘s iPhone has a new filter – type editing feature that allows users to choose the style to use for their photos. Unlike a filter, the new feature makes changes to specific elements in your photos rather than consistently across the image.

Bloomberg repeats some previous reports on this year’s devices. It says phones may have a faster refresh rate, which repeats an earlier rumor that this year’s Pro models could be 120 Hz LTPO displays. All iPhone 13 models can have smaller screen notches as well as a traditional increase in processing power with the new A15 chip. However, Bloomberg says this year’s updates are “modest,” and the models and screen sizes have the same range as last year.

The report does not state when new iPhones may be unveiled, but Apple usually announces its flagship phones in September each year (the exception was last year when they were unveiled in October due to the pandemic). Other new Apple products believed to be coming include the new Apple Silicon-powered MacBook Pros, Apple Watches, AirPods and iPads.

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