Apple’s AirPods Max is cheaper than ever with at least four different colors


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Apple's AirPods Max is cheaper than ever with at least four different colors

Well, this is weird. Just 24 hours after seeing Amazon-owned Woot charge less a brand new pair of AirPods Pro than the e-commerce parent company did during the big period The main day celebration earlier this week, it is now AirPodit Max’s turn to drop to the lowest price ever.

The latest killer contract AppleThe first earphones come straight from Amazon instead of its aforementioned subsidiary, and by far the best thing is that they don’t require a Prime membership.

Basically, you don’t have to jump through any kind of rims or meet any special requirements to ride a decent (albeit far from an earthquake) $ 60 AirPods Max list price of $ 549 with your choice of green, azure, and space gray painting.

The casual pink flavor is marked by a slightly more humble $ 58.70, which, however, makes it more affordable than ever, presumably for a limited time only, while the silver model is actually a little more expensive than last week’s modest $ 42.51 discount right now.

That doesn’t mean it AirPods Max are bad, deserve quite a bit of praise in our January in-depth review for excellent sound clarity and detail, unparalleled transparency, overall comfort, and neat design. But if you also consider a few of their glaring shortcomings, such as such active noise reduction technology or a soft and rigid equalizer, you may be inclined to wait for a deeper price cut … or simply buy a top shelf Sony WH-1000XM4 instead.

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