Apple’s basic iPad is by far the world’s most popular tablet, a new report reveals


Apple's basic iPad is by far the world's most popular tablet, a new report reveals

Demand for tablets exploded during the pandemic as millions of people moved to work from home, and this continued for the last time in the first quarter of 2021 Counterpoint study the report reveals.

Apple controlled the budget thanks to the iPad

Global tablet shipments increased 53% year-over-year in January-March 2021, with established brands such as Apple, Samsung and Lenovo benefiting the most from increased demand.Apple was an incredible 37% of tablet deliveries in three months, up from 30% the previous year. The iPad experienced improved performance in all major areas.

In addition, in Japan, the iPad was the highest ever. The news follows earlier this year the news that Apple’s iPhone has also recently reached the highest ever Japanese market as a result iPhone 12.

The basic iPad model was the most popular model in the world, which is not surprising given its low price and the fact that it is considered one of the best tablets to buy. Counterpoint study says the 8th generation iPad accounted for 56% of all iPad shipments during the first quarter.

Relatively new iPad Air (2020) was the second most popular model, accounting for 19%. According to today’s report, the tablet was “a huge hit for consumers looking for cost-effectiveness and high standards”.

iPad Pro the lineup followed third with an investment of 18% in sales. Apple’s most expensive tablets are expected to increase their share to 25 percent in the second half of 2021 as deliveries rise. The remaining 7% of iPad shipments were split between the iPad mini, which is due for upgrade later this year, and older models.

Huawei collapsed; Samsung and Lenovo experienced strong growth

Following Apple in second and third place were Samsung and Lenovo. The former accounted for 20% of transport, compared with 16% the previous year, and the latter increased its market share from 9% to 5%. Huawei. To imitate it performance in the smartphone market, The share of Huawei tablets fell from 11 percent to 5 percent in early 2021.

Counterpoint study did not discuss in detail the performance of these brands, but the collapse of Huawei is likely due to its inability to supply devices with Google Apps and supply chain issues.

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