Apple’s latest iOS and macOS betas undo some of Safari’s controversial redesign

Apple has released its third developer beta for the upcoming iOS 15 and macOS Monterey, bringing some much-needed fixes to Safari – namely, repealing some of the most controversial changes in previous bets. In MacOS, it means the normal tab bar, which returns to the previous design, while iOS gets a more consistent formatting with respect to the URL bar.

iOS 15 is still stuck with a new tab view and a moved URL bar at the bottom of the screen, but the latest beta will dock it permanently instead of bouncing to the top of the screen when you select it. Apple has also added a new update option to the pop-up menu when you tap and hold the URL bar. Together, the changes will help make the new model a much more consistent use.

The transition to MacOS is simpler: Apple seems to have just brought back part of Safari’s Big Sur design for the URL bar and tabs, which takes the combined tab / URL bar installation it introduced in previous betas. The latest beta again has a URL bar that resides at the top of each Safari menu, with a row of tabs below it.

Each of these tabs still takes up a fairly large portion of the property – the overall design of the Monterey model is the same in this regard – but it is definitely an improvement over the original concretes. That said, if you liked the new model, it’s still also an option, by 9to5Mac.

At least so far, the iPadOS version of Safari is unchanged. Given that Apple is not expected to release the latest operating system updates until the fall, there is still plenty of time for Safari changes on all Apple platforms.

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