Apple’s next MacBook Air with M2 chip is expected to release in 2022: Report- Technology News, Firstpost


The upcoming MacBook Air is all set to be the first Apple laptop to use the next-generation M2 chip. It is expected to launch in 2022 leak Dylan’s claim. The MacBook Air is likely to have color models like the iMac, while the new MacBook Pro, expected to debut later this year, will use the M1X.

MacBook air

MacBook air

Dylan’s tweet reads: “I just wanted to share some details about when the next-generation M2 (not the M1X reserved for Pro Macs) is expected. This processor will be available in the first half of 2022 alongside the upcoming colorful Macbook (Air) ”.

The M1X is expected to have a 10-core processor with 8 large and 2 powerful cores compared to the M1 with a 4 + 4 configuration. The number of GPU cores on the current chip is 8. It can be doubled or even quadrupled.

TSMC’s N5P process supports M1X. For the current M1, an updated version of the 5 nm node is used. The chip may have a similar core architecture to M1, namely the Firestorm and Icestorm cores. Although the Apple M2 has fewer CPU cores, unlike the M1X.

Earlier report Nikkei Asia suggested that technology giant order next year’s 3nm chipsets for new iPad Pro models. This may refer to the M2 chip shared with the MacBook Air, which only serves both devices with passive cooling.

Instead of sharing chips between form makers, Apple is likely to diversify the configuration of its chipsets with a dedicated phone, tablet, laptop and desktop. IPhone chips are diversified by a 4 nm process.


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