Apple’s upcoming MacBook Air will be released in mid-2022 with a mini-LED display: Kuo- Technology News, Firstpost


Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has written a new analyst note on the next-generation MacBook Air, which states that the new mini-LED MacBook Air may be available in several colors, with an updated shape and similar design to the upcoming 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro, reported MacRumours. These details continue previous rumors about the redesigned MacBook Air. Following the updated MacBook Pro models, the new MacBook Air is expected to hit the market “around mid-2022”.

MacBook Air 1280

It is uncertain whether the current M1 MacBook Air will continue to be sold after the release of the new model.

According to Kuo, Chinese manufacturer BOE is a new supplier of Apple’s mini-LED display technology. The American technology giant first used a mini-LED display in the 2021 12.9-inch iPad Pro. It is now planned to bring the same technology to the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro devices, which may be released soon.

Meanwhile, Sharp, LG and Foxconn’s subsidiary GIS are supplying Apple with mini-LED displays for future MacBook Pro models. Considering the hardware, the MacBook Air has more square edges. Conversely, the Mini-LED is dependent on several small backlight LEDs, which provides a better contrast ratio than the OLED.

Kuo is unsure whether to continue selling the current M1 MacBook Air after the new model is released, but roughly estimates that MacBook Air shipments in 2022 will exceed 8 million or more, more than 2021 (6 million) shipments. If the M1 MacBook Air is discontinued, the mini-LED model can be listed for the same price ($ 999 or 74,250 rubles) as the M1 model. The last time Apple used the M1 chip was in the MacBook Air in November 2020.


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