Are certain smartphones running better? I found out in an annoying way


When you buy technology to use during your workout, there are some products you’re likely to consider: a fitness tracker, suitable headphones, any device that’s directly plugged into your chosen sport. You probably wouldn’t consider choosing a smartphone an important consideration – but it can be.

Where I am?

Tom running column

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Column number: 3
Date of writing: 29/04/21
Days: 59
Current location: Honey Bend, IL
Distance traveled: 231.32 miles
Distance to the left: 2046.48 miles
Current tracking: Polar Vantage M2

As a member of the TechRadar phone group, I test a lot of different smartphones, sometimes changing the device every week during busy times of the year. Currently, I am also involved in the challenge of running more than 2,000 miles in two years, where you can read everything here.


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