Are Marvel TV shows on Disney Plus worth the jumps?



Marvel’s TV shows have been released on set aside for superhero success stories. It didn’t have to be this way – Falcon and Winter Soldier was scheduled to launch just three months after Black Widow, in August 2020. WandaVision was scheduled to follow Marvel’s Eternals and launch on Disney Plus in December 2020.

Apparently, the pandemic meant that things didn’t go that way. And while this year hasn’t been as much entertainment as 2020 (people like Godzilla Vs Kong and Mortal Kombat have proven to be a nice distraction), Marvel’s TV shows have been basically the only game in town when it comes to pop culture. We’ve talked about them every week because, with the exception of the Oscar season, entertainment isn’t happening right now. And superficially these performances look and sound as a success story, simply because Disney Plus has spent so much money on them.


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