Ariana Grande conducts the Fortnite Rift Tour concert series


Last week, Epic Games teased that a “record superstar” is performing Fortniten the upcoming Rift Tour concert series, and now we know that the mysterious performer is none other than Ariana Grande. The first concert will be held on August 6 at 6 p.m. ET.

Grande’s performance rumored in Julyand documents disclosed as part of Epic’s case against Apple also revealed that Epic was planning a concert with the megastar. The event seems to have been underway for some time – according to a June 2020 document, the Grande concert was underway in October. At the time, the J Balvin concert was scheduled for September, ending a month later as part of the game’s Halloween event, while the unannounced Lady Gaga concert was scheduled for December.

Fortniten past concerts have been successful – more than 10 million people watched them Marshmello’s game concert in February 2019 and more than 12 million people attended Travis Scott is surreal Fortnite presentation in April 2020. It seems likely that Epic is working to add a spectacle to this latest concert, and we’ll have to wait and see what combination Grande’s show is inside. Fortniten currently a foreign theme world could bring.

The Rift Tour is run August 6-8, and five performances took place over three days.

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