Astro is partnering with Timbuk2 and making bags for all your gaming gear


Astro’s latest product line is a bit out of the ordinary band. Instead of releasing a new gaming headset or controller, it has worked with the reputable bag and accessory brand Timbuk2 during the pandemic, making a backpack and carrying case with the name Astro printed on it.

Astron’s focus on gaming means that each bag is surprisingly designed to carry the things you need to gamble. Thus, they are built with partitions designed to store – and, above all, protect your headphones, drivers, and laptops.

The smaller carrying case, called the CS03, costs $ 79.99 and looks customized for Switch owners looking for protection and utility in the bag. When you lift the magnetically closed front flap of the bag, a pocket is revealed for storing keys or other small items such as a phone. The main zipper reveals most of it with small sleeves that can hold up to 14 Switch game cartridges. There is enough space here for flexible mains sockets for cables and in-ear headphones, for example.

The Nintendo Switch fits perfectly in the main pocket of the bag and is designed to provide enough padding to protect the console from bending or fatal shock. The console part fits the Switch or Switch Lite (it also fits in the slightly larger OLED Switches to be released later this year, Astro said) Limit). It is also water resistant.

Astro Timbuk2 CS03

The CS03 provides plenty of support for protecting your Nintendo Switch.
Photo: Astro

For players with much more equipment, the BP35 backpack costs $ 199.99 and has a total storage capacity of 35 gallons. Like the CS03, it is waterproof and has zippers and pockets. Disassembling its outer layers reveals one of its highlights: the headphone holder. Headphones with swivel ear cups can be attached with a durable fabric hook that locks into the button. There is space in the same pocket that is large enough to hold (and protect) your phone or laptop battery, controller, some cables, and other small items such as pens.

The BP35 is a fair backpack, but it’s still not big enough to easily fit in modern consoles (you’ll practically need a small suitcase to pack your PS5 or Xbox Series X). But its main compartment has more than enough storage space to hold some Xbox Series S and a few extra drivers. If you’re not a console gamer, it can have up to two 16-inch laptops. So if you like PC gaming more than console games, this may be all you need to pack space.

Astro Timbuk2 BP35

The outer zipper reveals a handy headphone hook as well as some bags.
Photo: Astro

After seeing and handling both bags in recent days, I think these can be good options for gamers who don’t want to bother figuring out how to pack gaming accessories. The CS03 and BP35 do it for you, and they have enough padding to make you feel your investment is protected.

Both bags are now available on Astro’s website as well as online through Timbuk2. If you want to see them in person, Timbuk2 stores them in its flagship stores across the United States.

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