Asus releases Windows 11-compatible BIOS updates with automatic TPM support


Asus is preparing several of its motherboards for Windows 11. even automatically enables the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) on AMD and Intel systems.

A TPM is the minimum requirement for Windows 11, and it is a change that caused confusion after many realized that their computers did not have an option in the BIOS, or it was confusingly named in the BIOS settings “PTT” or “PSP fTPM”. Microsoft’s Windows 11 update check didn’t alleviate this confusion at first, so it’s encouraging to see that large Asus-type vendors are implementing TPM by default so people don’t have to dig around.

Although Asus plans to support a wide range of motherboards for Windows 11, not all BIOS updates are yet available. Neowin has found a complete list of Asus motherboards which are compatible with Windows 11, so you need to check if your system has an update waiting for it.

If you purchased a preinstalled computer and are unsure of the motherboard you included, you should find the model number by going to Start> Run> msinfo32 in Windows 10.

Asus is not alone in motherboard support for Windows 11. Gigabytes, Asrock, Biostarand MSI are all published lists of supported systems that work with Windows 11. It is not yet clear when Windows 11 will be available as a free upgrade for Windows 10 users. Microsoft has only officially said this holiday, but the software maker likes refers to the October release date.

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