Attractive Custom boxes packaging Ideas to Enhance Your Brand Awareness

Nowadays, the packaging is not only related to taping the products, and it is now beyond cardboard, corrugated, and Kraft. Now customization entered in and revolutionized the industry. A customization is a tool for branding, and companies love to spread their brand image. This is used to stand out from the competition, making them creative and building a brand. Anything that you are printing, whether it is packaging, bags, or label, the major purpose behind this is only brand awareness.

For branding, there are lots of ideas in this industry. These are famous because of their outclass performance and enhancement of brand awareness. There are a couple of shapes that are customized, and you can utilize them for the same purpose. Such shapes are considered the most attractive and affordable.

Pillow shape boxes:

Pillow is a stylish and unique shape box. Such custom boxes are used for the packaging of attractive gadgets, jewelry, candies, chocolates, and retail products. You can print your logo on them and display it on shelves. Such placement grabs other attention and leads towards branding. In addition to the advertisement, packaging plays a very important role in branding and marketing. Pillow is a very attractive shape and enhances sales, can be customized and is available in a variety of materials. This is a very good idea that many cosmetic brands are using and building their brands. The only reason behind this is the unique shape and glossy effects of the cardboard. You can get such boxes in cardboard, Kraft, corrugation, and Bux board. These are also available in rigid materials and 24pt cardboard thickness.

Pyramid shape boxes:

Another idea that is attractive and customized also spreads brand awareness among the customers and visitors. Pyramid boxes, as the name shows, exactly resemble great Egyptian pyramids. Such boxes are yield with customization options. You can customize the materials, colors, printing, and add-ons. Glossy cardboard-made pyramid shape boxes look attractive when placed on the shelves of the malls. These are used for the packaging of candies, chocolates, cosmetics, and other gadgets. If you are working in the retail business, this style could be you’re first and foremost choice. Furthermore, you can also place your logo on it and express the brand message to others. Moreover, pyramid shape boxes are available in small, medium, and large sizes. This idea can add much value to your brand, and it is a source of getting brand awareness too.

Cube shape boxes:

Every box is in cube shape, it has six geometrical shapes, and you can fix more boxes in small portions. Usually, such boxes could be locked from top and bottom too. On the other hand, auto bottom cube boxes are also available. The cube shape is the most common shape, it is customized, and you can also add a logo to them. Logo on the box helps in branding and leads to more sales. Brand-conscious customers only buy branded things, and you should opt for the best cube shape boxes packaging.

Hexagon shape boxes:

Add as many sides in a box as much you are required. Customization only leads to branding but is also a source of creativity. A large number of things could only be packed inside multi sides boxes, and the hexagon is at the top of the list. Moreover, you can append the maximum sides in a box, and this is made up of cardboard and Kraft material. In order to retain their rigidity, thick sheets with laser cuttings are used for wholesale custom boxes production.

Top tuck end boxes:

Top tuck end boxes are custom boxes that close from the top. Only opening and closing flap on the top exists. Usually, bulbs and cylindrical shape gadgets, and retail products are packed inside them. This is another good idea to opt for.

Rectangular boxes:

Customized rectangular boxes, the widest variety, the most common in the market, also help in branding. These boxes could be open or closed from any side. Usually, these are available in small, medium, and custom rigid boxes. For retail, cosmetics, gifts, CBD, and food products, one should try rectangular shape boxes.

Auto bottom-lock boxes:

These are customized boxes that lead to the branding and marketing are the auto bottom-lock boxes. These rigid boxes come into shapes easily and automatically lock from the bottom. They are structured in a way to automatically lock from the bottom and shipped on a flat surface. Place your logo on them, add instructions, price, and other important stuff and build your brand in less time.

Reverse tuck-in boxes:

When two opening flaps are attached in a box, both are used in the opposite direction to close the box. These are also handy and commonly used branded boxes when the logo is printed on them.

Straight tuck end boxes:

When a box has two closing flaps, but both close the box in the same direction/side folding. These are also customized, and you can use them for branding.

There are limitless shapes and designs that could be achieved in the process of customization, and all lead to branding.

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