5 Major Issues Avast Users Facing – How To Solve It?

Avast is one of the prominent antivirus tools of the modern-day. It has a global market and provides multiple conveniences related to safeguarding the data. However, many Avast antivirus users face system-related issues while active in their system.

Here, you can go through the five major problems Avast users face. Moreover, you can get the solutions too. These solutions are pretty lucid, and you can execute them and fix the issues even if you are non-technical.

Major issues of Avast Antivirus and their Solutions

The commonest issues of Avast Antivirus are given below. These would help you take the right approach in fixing the problems of the tool. However, you need to check if the tool is active and updated. Moreover, remember that system errors often give rise to the Avast errors. Now, take a look at the list:

1. The “Avast High CPU Usage” error

When you look at the CPU usage stats of your system, you wonder why Avast is using so much CPU. Well, there are several reasons why Avast uses more CPU. However, you can overlook them and check the various ways to fix the problem. Have a look at the points below:

Solution 1: Go for a Command Prompt Tweak

Solution 2: Update the Avast tool to the latest version

Solution 3: Remove the Avast antivirus cleanup

Solution 4: Repair Avast from the control panel

Solution 5: Deactivating the Mail Shield

Solution 6: Remove the Avast add-ons that are not necessary

Solution 7: Scan the screensaver of Avast

So, for each of these solutions, you can refer to both written and visual content on the internet. Expect each solution approach to be a matter of clicks.

2. The “Setup is already running” error

While the Avast tool is active in your system, you can often experience the “avast setup is already running” error. It occurs due to Avast’s instup.exe downloading and uploading virus definition. However, you cannot see it as the whole process runs in the background.

This issue of Avast antivirus has a simple solution. It is mentioned stepwise below:

Step 1: Access to the “Self-defence Module” of Avast from its UI and remove its tick

Step 2: Check if the instup.exe of Avast is running

Step 3: Directly uninstall Avast if the instup.exe is not running

If you find the instup.exe of Avast running, make sure to stop it. However, you can ignore “Update Virus Definitions.”

3. The Avast “Driver Updater Not Working” error

The error related to Avast Driver Updater turns out to be a common one. You can see if there is an issue with the security software in your system. Well, you would be amazed to know that there are four simple ways to fix this issue. Have a look at the following points:

Approach 1:  To use specialized software that is compatible with the Avast antivirus tool

Approach 2: Reinstall the driver updater of Avast in your system

Approach 3: Execute a driver restoration process properly on Avast

Approach 4: Check if any other security software is active in your system

Well, like the solutions given under the first point of this article, these approaches have several steps too. So you must find out the steps and follow them. As a result, you can get rid of the driver updater problem of Avast.

4. The “Avast Don’t Update Virus Definitions” error

The Avast antivirus tool tends not to update the virus definitions due to incompatibility with your system. In this case, it would be unable to defend the viruses from entering your system. Like any other error of Avast, this one has some solutions too. Take a look at the solutions given below:

Solution 1: Update your Avast software and go for a repair if necessary

Solution 2: Go for Avast reinstallation and start a new package if possible

Solution 3: Call the customer support team of Avast antivirus

Now all the three solutions given in this point are easy. First, you need to find the menu to uninstall a program to remove Avast. However, it can always carry the risk of the lapse of your package. In that case, you have to pay Avast again and start on with a new package.

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5. The Avast “Black Screen” error (especially occurs in Windows 10)

The “Black Screen” error of Avast is common among the Windows 10 systems. This is a simple error, but you can follow the steps given below to fix the problem:

Step 1: Go to the taskbar of your system and import the Avast UI on your screen

Step 2: Search for the “General Section”

Step 3: Find the “Exclusions” of the Avast Antivirus and add the C:WindowsExplorer.exe to it

Step 4: Restart your computer

To avoid seeing the “Black Screen”; error of Avast in your system, you should complete these steps after starting it. However, avoid wasting time doing it as you might have to restart your computer without saving the files. This can often turn out to be a big issue.

If you cannot understand any step mentioned here, try referring to videos available on the internet. Moreover, keep in mind updating the Windows 10 in your system. Remember that many software, including Avast, might not work properly if Windows 10 is outdated.

Well, another thing you need to check is the Firewall. Make sure it is disabled while you work to fix the problems related to Avast.

Final Take Away

It is an obvious fact that every antivirus tool is software. So, you cannot expect Avast not to have any issues or drawbacks. It all depends on whether the problems of the software are easily fixable.

If you have read the article, fixing the commonest Avast issues would be a child’s play for you. However, you can talk to an expert for further suggestions and guidance. In major issues, you can call the experts and let them work in your system. Always consider Avast working in your system the best if it does not show any pop-up.

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