Bang & Olufsen unveils $ 200 durable Bluetooth speaker


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The Danish soundtrack Bang & Olufsen (B&O) is perhaps best known for its stylish, high-end, goose bump audio equipment – the kind of thing that might show up in 007’s latest movie. However, they also have a lot of affordable and readily available options. You can add a Beosound Explore list: A new Bluetooth speaker tailored for those who want a backpack and thermos for tux and Martin.

With a scratch-resistant, type 2 anodized aluminum surface, Bang & Olufsen considers this speaker to be the toughest so far, a claim supported by its IP67 dust and waterproof. Even the design evokes a rugged adventure with a ribbed exterior that looks a bit like an aluminum jar.

Bang & Olufsen Besound Explore
Bang & Olufsen

The attachable carbine is easy to attach to your gear, and its cylindrical shape is designed to slide into backpack pockets alongside other accessories. Checking in under 1.5 pounds should also not weigh you down.

Because there are few outlets and far along the route, battery life is an important concern. We haven’t yet put the speaker to trial use, but Bang & Olufsen claims the Explore will continue to kick in for 27 hours (with an average amount of listening) on ​​a 2-hour charge. The speaker uses a USB-C connection for both charging and streaming and is compatible with the device Bluetooth 5.2, Apple Fast Pair, Google Fast Pair and Microsoft Swift Pair.

If you have two examinations around a campfire, they can be set as a stereo pair.

Of course, all speakers designed for outdoor use must be hard enough to carry outdoors. Fortunately, Explore offers up to 91 decibels of volume, so you can be sure the crickets won’t overwhelm the sound of your songs. In terms of other features, the speaker has a pair of 1.8-inch full-range controllers and two 30-watt Class D amplifiers. Again, we haven’t yet taken it for granted, but it should offer plenty of punch and dimension to something this whole thing.

The Beosound Explore retails for $ 200 (definitely at the cheaper end of B&O frequencies) and is now available in three color options – just in time for the hiking / camping season.

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