Basement Flooring – Commercial carpet tile is the answer. Best Basement Flooring Solution?

Basement flooring is one of the last things on your mind when finishing your basement. People prioritize structural design. (For good reason!) This is normal and okay. Basement structural issues are a really big problem. Your decision can be wise or expensive. Moisture and dirt can damage most flooring materials. To make matters worse, a flooded basement can be a huge headache. Applying the correct basement floor in advance can help you avoid problems. And save money in your budget with affordable offers. Square shaw carpet tiles and commercial carpet tiles have a number of advantages that make them ideal choices for basement flooring. There are 5 reasons why commercial carpet tiles work well for basement floors.

  1. Most commercial carpet tiles have a hard, rubber backing. With this thread, the support is not affected by moisture, mold or ash. Most carpet tile backing systems have mold and mildew inhibitors inside the backing. Its resistance to moisture, mold and mildew makes it the perfect commercial carpet for basement flooring. If your basement is flooded, you can remove the carpet tile and dry it. Once the commercial floor mats are dry and the basement is dry. You can install new tiles. One trick is to be sure to use commercially available carpet tiles with a firm, solid backing. Some carpet tiles have built-in pads. When installed in the basement, this pillow can absorb moisture and is not a good choice.
  2. Commercial carpet tiles are very easy to install. You can use glue to stick them in place. But the loose method is best in the basement. You can usually glue the tile so tight that it doesn’t need glue. If you don’t need glue it will be much easier to get it later when the basement is flooded. This makes it easier to replace tiles later. Unless you stick with square rugs and commercial tiles. You can also lift and high pressure wash if it gets too dirty or dirty.
  3. The basement floor may see a lot of traffic if the garage is adjacent to the finished space. Commercial square carpets are built to handle heavy traffic. This is the same commercial square carpet installed in airports, hotels, restaurants, etc.
  4. Commercial grade carpet tiles can be used to give a unique look to a room or area. Basement floors don’t have to be boring to work on. A popular option when using commercial carpet tiles is to use 2 or 3 colors to create a checkerboard or modern design. Not just using multiple colors (contrasting colors work well.) Give the basement a designer look. But it also hides the seams where the carpet tiles meet
  5. Commercial grade carpet tiles can be very inexpensive if you’re looking for bargains. Conventional carpet squares and carpet tiles can be expensive. But there are wholesalers who sell square rugs for $0.89 per square foot or less. If you have 10 feet by 200 feet of finished space, it’s only $89 for the entire basement floor. Self-installation saves more money than other flooring options.

Are you decorating or renovating the basement? Commercial carpet tiles are a great solution for your basement flooring. Square rugs last a long time. Good resistance to moisture problems and can cost less than other flooring options. A good place to compare discount carpet prices is Beckler’s Carpet in Dalton, Georgia. Beckler’s is a major carpet tile wholesaler that sells directly to the public. Beckler’s offers free samples straight to your door. and ranges from $0.25 per square foot to $0.99 per square foot for rugs and tiles.

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