Be Quiet release Pure Power 11 FM in three variants

Be Quiet released its Pure Power 11 FM series. The Pure Power 11 FM series is the successor to the Power 10 series, offering a fully modular design and robust power delivery system. The Gold certification and its sustainability make it in the top tier PSU.  

Be Quiet Pure Power 11 FM

The Be Quiet Pure Power 11 FM series comes in three variants; 550W, 650W, and 750W. Today we will be focusing on the 650W design. Let us go through the specification of the 650W power supply. All of the Pure Power 11 FM power supply is modular and comes with 80+ certifications offering the best efficiency.

pure power modularity

The Be Quiet Pure Power 11 FM comes equipped with LLC + SR + DC/DC technology. These technologies offer advanced stability and voltage regulation. The Pure Power 11 FM also comes with modern UVP, OVP, SCP, OPP, OCP, and OTP protection circuits. That is a robust connection that protects the whole system and power surges.

The power supply comes with dual 12V-rails providing stable power to the system. The fully modular design keeps the cable minimal and provides easy routing to the system. The provided cables are flexible and durable. Each PSU comes with four PCIe connectors for high-end GPUs. 

The body boasts a black body with a single 120mm fan. The 120mm fan does all the heavy lifting efficiently, cooling the whole PSU. The PSU is low noise optimized thanks to the Silent Wings 2 fans. The product doesn’t specify the low noise optimization, though it doesn’t come with a hybrid fan function. But looking at the specification of the be quiet PSU and its fans, it should be no problem for the fans to cool the unit.

pure power 11 internals

Ther 650W starts at $99.90, whereas the 550W and the 750W versions cost $89.90 and $114.90, respectively. These Pure Power 11 PSU won’t come cheap; they have high-end features like 80+ Gold rating and dual 12V rails. Plus, you are getting a 5-year warranty with all the FM products that are alone going to raise the price tag. Considering its price tag, it looks like fantastic value for the money.

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