Be Quiet! Silent Loop 2 – A performance focused AIO at excellent price


Be Quiet announced its latest Silent Loop 2 series AIO coolers. After their Silent Loop AIO cooler’s success, Be Quiet did make a follow-up on its success AIO with some overhaul. The Silent Loop looks to take to be the next successor. It looks pretty nice with some features you might consider as a PC builder.

The SIlent Loop 2 is a Be Quiet lineup of all-in-one liquid cooling solutions. Be Quiet pre-fits all the loop and ready to install straight out of the box. Each of the AIO is armed out of the box has simpler installation hardware. There Slient Loop 2 is available in 120mm, 240mm, 280mm, and 360mm versions. The Silent loop 2 support all the Intel LGA 1155/1156/1200/2011 and AMD’s AM3/AM4 socket platform.


Today we are focusing on the Silent Loop 2 250mm version. The 280mm version is compact and applicable on most of the mid-tower and micro-ATX cases. Be Quiet outfitted the Silent Loop 2 with premium components. The AIO ships with Be Quiet’s impressive Silent Wings 3 fans. The Silent Loop offers better cooling performance with minimal acoustic, keeping the system quiet and cool at the same time.

Silent Loop 2 AIO cooler

The nickel-plated copper cooling surface is outfield with a high-density water microchannel. There are more than 120 micro fins above the copper plate, efficiently transferring heat to the circulating liquid. The AIO comes with all the mounting brackets for Intel and AMD processors. But you have to buy a mounting bracket for the sTRX4 platform separately.

The AIO comes with the 6-pole three-phase motor resulting in a smooth and silent operation. The three-chamber design evenly spreads out the coolant reducing the overall turbulences. The pump comes with dampening materials absorbing the vibrations and minimizing the resonance. It reduces the noise keeping in touch with Be quiet’s standards.

Silent Wings 3

Be Quiet ships it Silent Loop 3 ships with Silent Wings 3 140mm PWM fans. These fans are the best in the industry, with optimized airflow and a 6-pole motor for less vibrations. The aluminum fins on the radiator provide additional cooling. Be Quiet also included a fill port on the radiator, expanding its lifespan. As for the lighting, the top of the pump unit comes with RGB lighting. The product comes with a small controller or can be sync with a 5V ARGB header.


We will be testing the latest 280mm AIO on the Intel 10th generation processor (Core i7 10700K). We will perform relatively standard testing finding out the idle and load temperature and how well it can cool it down.

The Be Quiet managing 26 degrees in idle. The processor is well below average without causing problems to the AIO. At load, the Silent Loop 2 manages to sustain 58 degrees on the Core i7 10700K. That is quite impressive as the Core i7 produces a lot of heat. The Silent Loop 2 is a performance AIO keeping the temperature in check.

Silent Loop 2 packaging

The shocking part is the AIO cooler retains a 31 dBA noise level. The cooler is near silent in its whole operation and doesn’t even go higher under load. Be Quiet focuses on its product’s acoustic, and the Silent Loop 2 sticks up to the name.


The Silent Loop 2 starts at $99 for the 120mm version. The 280mm version costs $139.99, and the 360mm costing $159.99. The Silent Loop 2 is an excellent water cooling solution with low acoustic and high cooling capacity. Be Quiet has nailed its latest Silent Loop 2 AIO cooler and maintains the level from its predecessor.

They have outdone themself, providing better cooling performance and added ARGB effects. They also included an ARGB controller. We don’t even have to talk about the performance of the AIO. The AIO cooler performs on par with the performance-centric AIO coolers. Plus, it retains near-silent operation even on high loads.

It seems Be Quiet poured all their resources into refining this product. It is safe to say; anyone looking for a fancy cooler should buy the Silent Loop 2. We thoroughly recommend the Be Quiet Silent Loop 2 for anyone looking for performance and attractive pricing. It fits the budget and performs on point—a stunning product for the price.

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