Beats Studio Buds is rumored to arrive with a genuine wireless design and charging case


Based on code from the recently released Apple Music beta app, Apple is expected to release Hi-Fi quality audio to Apple Music subscribers, which may include lossless and Hi-res lossless options. This is set to happen with the release of iOS 14.6, which became a step closer to reality today with the release of iOS 14.6 RC for developers. Release Candidate (RC) is beta software that can be a stable release.
Apple’s internal iOS 14.6 files reveal that the company is working with Bluetooth wireless earbuds called “Beats Studio Buds.” Similar to the very popular and class leader AirPodit, Studio Buds is a truly wireless accessory with a charging case. 9to5Mac says While there is no guarantee that the “Beats Studio Buds” moniker will be the official name of the product, all internal files found will refer to the product by this name.
Beats Studio Buds is expected to equip Apple a chip that allows users to call Siri using the Hey Siri feature; the chip is also expected to allow users to enjoy instant pairing, and Buds is expected to provide noise reduction. The code found also shows that Studio Buds is smaller than the Powerbeats Pro currently available.
Because there may be a connection between the release of Beats Studio Buds and the release of Apple Music, we can see everything start next month when the final version of iOS 14.6 has dropped. And all of this could be done close to WWDC’s annual developer conference. Once again being held online because of a pandemic, WWDC will begin on June 7th.


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