Beauty Blogs in UK

Beauty blogs in UK provide an ideal way of staying up-to-date with emerging beauty trends, providing product reviews and news; some even focus on makeup advice or tips!

Madeleine, a British beauty enthusiast, enjoys sharing her expertise in skincare, makeup, haircare and fragrance with her fans through her blog and YouTube channel. She’s open and honest in her opinions and reviews both high end and affordable collections of makeup.

Jane Cunningham

Beauty Bloggers share their expertise on fashion, makeup, hair care, skin care and lifestyle with their followers. In addition to keeping up with current trends and tips they also keep their readers up to date with any latest industry news or updates.

Estee’ Lalonde is an all-round creative director who has been sharing beauty tips through YouTube videos and her blog for the last decade. Her content goes beyond mere cosmetics to explore topics like mental health issues – something which stands out among beauty blogs which may focus on superficial topics only.

Sali Hughes, Guardian Weekend columnist and make-up artist is known for her no nonsense product reviews in both of her beauty bibles. Additionally, her “In the Bathroom with…” video series should also not be missed!

Suzi Bonaldi

Suzi Bonaldi, best known for her popular fashion and beauty blog and YouTube channel ‘Hello October’ is an influential social media influencer from England. Her content features fashion vlogs, makeup tutorials and challenges as well as beauty tips, tricks, and hacks.

She provides extensive product reviews of new beauty offerings and provides comprehensive product discussions. Her website serves as a go-to spot for all of your skincare and makeup needs.

The Pixiwoo sisters have developed their own line of make-up brushes and amassed millions of views on YouTube thanks to their entertaining video tutorials. Their fun yet informative approach to makeup has won them millions of views – making them some of the leading UK beauty bloggers! Additionally, their videos offer inspiration and accessibility.

The Sunday Girl

The Sunday Girl is a beauty blog offering product previews and honest reviews, as well as featuring makeup and skincare routines on YouTube. Their aim is to assist their readers in discovering products that work for them personally.

Dark-skinned women may struggle to find makeup suitable for their complexions, and this blog can provide essential assistance in doing just that. With tips and tricks designed to achieve natural, healthy glow without over-applying product.

The site’s founder is not afraid to break out of her comfort zone and explore different makeup techniques, as well as share personal anecdotes from her life that give her advice a more intimate feel. Her content is often supported by scientific studies.


Beauty bloggers may possess various interests and specialisms; however, it’s crucial that their content remains consistent so their readers can trust it. Furthermore, having a niche can attract more followers.

An aesthetic blog focused on skincare will likely draw more readers than one that covers hair extensions, since the latter will likely provide tips for styling and maintaining them, while the former tends to focus more on skin care regimens.

Sali Hughes is a popular beauty journalist who writes for Elle Girl and The Guardian Weekend magazines. As an experienced expert on all things beauty-related, Sali offers practical tips and advice that readers can put to use immediately in their bathroom routines; her popular series called ‘In the Bathroom with’ series provides more insight than ever into life in a bathroom!

Stephi Lareine

Beauty blogs can be an excellent way to stay informed on the latest fashion, hair, makeup, skincare and lifestyle trends. In addition, beauty blogs can serve as an invaluable source when it comes to finding quality products – many offer reviews or comparisons of various items while some even feature video tutorials!

Fab Over Fifty beauty blog was specifically created for older women looking to maintain a youthful appearance. The site offers anti-ageing skincare routines, makeup tips and advice, among other topics.

Uche Natori of UK has amassed over 200K YouTube subscribers and her blog covers everything from glamorous make up looks to exceptional personal style. Her beauty routines and tips will leave you feeling totally inspired!

Becky White

Becky White is a London-based beauty blogger who shares industry knowledge, tips and advice via her blog. In addition, she highlights must-have products and reviews the newest makeup trends; while also sharing money-saving techniques and frequently appearing in high profile media.

Her blog provides everything from fashion and beauty tips, tutorials on bold new looks, lifestyle advice and much more. Her helpful tutorials make for the ideal guide on creating them all!

Estee Lalonde’s beauty blogs are essential reading for anyone interested in makeup and skin care. As an expert in her field, Estee has written several books in this field as well as blogging extensively on all aspects of beauty including mental health.

SheShe Show

Beauty bloggers typically monetize their content through affiliate marketing, paid ads, and brand collaborations. Their posts cover an array of topics including fashion, home, and beauty.

Cathy O’Sullivan manages a website and social media accounts focused on beauty, style and lifestyle topics such as how to style corduroy or different blazer colors; in addition, her beauty articles offer in-depth product reviews as well as makeup tutorials.

Laurie Bronze offers one-stop beauty shopping at her website and YouTube channel, featuring product reviews, tanning truths, and haul videos.

Amelia Liana is a beloved beauty influencer with an expansive following on both Instagram and her self-titled website. Grazia, Stylist and Metro have featured articles authored by Amelia, as she is famed for her beautiful makeup looks.

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