Below Zero hits PC and consoles


Unknown Worlds Entertainment has released a new chapter today Subnautica universe Subnautica: Below zero. Thanks to this brand new adventure, players will return to planet 4546B two years after the events of the original game. The new expedition needs a new launch trailer and you can see this below …

Subnautica: Below zero takes players on a sub-zero expedition to the Arctic region of Planet 4546B, where they must investigate the disappearance of the character’s sister Alterra. What happened to the character’s sister and researchers is a mystery, but there are clues to be found around the rubbish of abandoned research stations in the form of scattered databases, logs, and objects. There’s also more to discover about alien life that visited the planet in the past.

Players can build extensive habitats that can be filled with containers, research equipment, and more. New vehicles such as the Snowfox Hoverbike and the modular Seatruck are also under construction. However, before all of these can be built, serious resources must be made.

The planet’s new Arctic region is a harsh environment with uncharted biomes. Players can swim under Twisty Bridges, see mammoth crystals from crystal caves, visit glacier pool caves and more, but remember that temperature is a new threat. There is also new life on offer, including giant Titan Holefish, Shadow Leviathan and adorable Pengwings.

Find out what happened to your sister and who these aliens were Subnautica: Below zero, now on PC and consoles.


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