Overall Procedure, Benefits And Results Of African American Hair Transplant Before After

Suppose you are suffering from hair loss. A hair transplant surgery is among the best options to help regrow a head full of hair. But if you have African American hair, you might wonder if a hair transplant will work for you or if you will be wasting your money. Keep reading to learn more about African American hair transplant before after and results.

The Procedure of African American Hair Transplant

During the African American hair transplant before after, the surgeon typically uses an intelligent graft process since it is best suited for this surgery. Because of genetics, patients with African American hair typically are more curly and wavy. The hairs typically generate curly, wavy fibers. With other hair transplant techniques, it is generally difficult to collect these hair follicles from the donor site and successfully transplant them to the affected places of your scalp.

The procedure uses advanced instruments and unique FUE techniques to collect curvy hair follicles individually for the best effect. This surgery is less intrusive and will leave you with no scarring. African Americans usually have permanent hair on the sides and back of the scalp. And weak hair at the temples, hairline, mid-scalp, frontal or crown sites. When performing this surgery, the surgeon will preserve hair follicles to help utilize them for the thicker and denser outcome. Hair follicles will then be transplanted skillfully in the recipient area so they can live, grow and thrive in the new area permanently.

Benefits of African American Hair Transplant

Typically, a lower density of hair means that overall less hair is found to collect for transplantation. However, this could be viewed as a challenge and means that less hair will be needed to cover the recipient site. Your surgeon or technician can fill in large areas of your scalp. Here are the benefits associated with this procedure.

  • The surgery is less intrusive and leaves behind some fewer scars.
  • You can wear any hairstyle.
  • The procedure uses your hair to generate a more natural outcome; African American hair should be unnoticed by all except the people you inform. The output from this surgery gives you a more natural appearing hairline. After the surgery, you can expect permanent results with a healthy head of hair to show off.
  • Minimized discomfort and less recovery time
  • The outcome is permanent.
  • It Eliminates baldness-African American hair transplant typically eliminates hair-related issues. You will no longer require to worry about a receding hairline or bald spots. Also, hair transplant surgery helps thicken the hair volume on bald spots or thinning areas of your scalp and usually reshapes the receding hairline. The outcome of this procedure is highly effective, and you are unlikely to start balding again.
  • It Improves your self-confidence-If you lose hair at an early age, you tend to feel more self-conscious about how you appear. Hair loss might make you feel lost, lack confidence, and have low self-esteem.
  • Low Maintenance and Care-After the African American hair transplant, the new hair becomes easy to manage. The transplanted hair follicles are the same as the natural ones. Therefore, you will not need to buy any special shampoos or chemicals to help maintain the thickness.

Results from African American Hair Transplants

After the African American hair transplant surgery, the outcome is always easy to manage. You can easily continue with your normal activities immediately after the surgery. Unlike other intrusive surgical procedures, you can continue your normal activities immediately after this surgery. The surgeon can prescribe some antibiotics to help reduce the risk of infections and some medications to help eliminate the pain.


Now you understand the benefits and results of African American hair transplant before after. The procedure has several advantages and is ideal for men and women of different ethnicities. Before you decide on this surgery, talk to your surgeon. Since African American hair is complex to work with, you will need to do proper research on an experienced surgeon and reputable clinic to get the best outcome. The surgeon can examine your scalp and determine the method suited for this surgery.

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