Benefits Of Using Interactive Video In Marketing

Today, video is one of the most popular content formats, with 85% of users watching videos every month. Videos are static post streams that attract viewers’ attention, improve SEO, and are easily shared across platforms. The video is easy for the user to watch and allows people to be on the sidelines longer. 72% of shoppers want to know about their products and services through video. It’s no wonder that 74% of marketers say video marketing is more effective at generating leads than static posts.

However, in the last few years, the average attention time has been reduced to 8 seconds, making it extremely difficult to attract viewers. What else can marketers and salespeople do to attract their audience? Will you hit me on my shoulder? Are you talking to them?

More interaction with the viewer through interactive video

Interactive video allows consumers to interact directly with the brand and have real conversations based on their reactions. This new type of video gives viewers the ability to interact with the content itself, creating a unique user experience.

Interactive post video is smart, dynamic and personalized, perfect for optimizing any brand. Forty-three percent of consumers prefer interactive video content to other types of video content because they can choose what information and when to display it.

Add interactive elements to your marketing and sales videos to increase engagement by using buttons, hotspots, questions, and forms to guide your audience to:

Lead Certification: Ask questions and encourage action to drive engagement and segment your audience.

Digitalize the sales process. Gather information and move contacts to the goal-achieving process based on your interests.

Educate clients and prospects: Use training videos and demos to increase engagement, deepen learning, and confirm completion and understanding.

Interactive video platform

Cinema8 is an interactive video platform that helps marketing and sales team members significantly improve content impact and results by adding a high level of engagement and personalization to their videos.

Direct action:

  • Overlay comments and images for context or additional information
  • Provide resources such as charts and links to additional information

Gather information:

  • Add an interaction to get your name, email address, or phone number
  • Use the question function as a survey to collect feedback
Gather insights:
  • Video summaries collect playback reports and inform you about content viewers and performance.
  • View all comments, replies, clicks, and other actions in the viewer

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