Best 15-inch laptop 2021: top picks with 15-inch displays


The best 15-inch laptops are more than just the Goldilocks of portables. Sure, they might be “just right” in size, and many users prefer them over the 17-inch behemoths and tiny 13-inch offerings. But, that doesn’t also make them the “moderate” choice.

We’ve tested our share of the best 15-inch laptops, and we can tell you with confidence that in no way are they a compromise. In fact, many are just as portable as their smaller counterparts and can rival their bigger counterparts and desktop PCs in terms of performance. Whether they’re laptops for gaming or creative workstations meant for content creation, these are packing serious internals like the best processors and the best graphics cards while still keeping things nice, light and accessible. So, one can argue that they might even be the perfect portables for most people.


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