Best affordable Google Nest camera deals in May 2021


Looking for the best home surveillance camera deals? Google Nest cameras receive high ratings the best home surveillance camera collections. Nest security cameras support 24-hour video surveillance and integrate easily with other Google Nest smart home devices, such as video doorbells, smart speakers and displays, entertainment, and connectivity products. Nest cameras are compatible with Google Assistant as well as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, extending their usefulness and attractiveness. It can be hard to find really great Nest Camera deals, but we regularly check and update this post, so check back often and score the best Nest Camera deals.

Today’s best Nest Camera deals

Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

Google Nest Cam IQ security camera

Nest Cam IQ Outdoor the surveillance camera is a weatherproof wired, 1080p HD camcorder with a tamper-resistant housing. Nest’s Supersight video uses a 4K image sensor, high dynamic range support, and 12x digital zoom to stream and record ultra-clear images. Nestin HD Talk and Listen improves the sound quality in both ways, so you can hear exactly what’s going on and what people are saying, and they’ll also hear you clearly. With the Nest app, you can check the content stored in the cloud service and set the camera to send alerts to your smartphone when it detects a person in its field of view.

Nest Cam IQ Indoor

Google Nest Cam IQ indoor surveillance camera

Nest Cam IQ Indoor is a wired camera with a wide tripod for easy placement on any interior surface. The mounting screw hole in the base and the ball joint arm allow installation in any location with a fixed surface. The Nest Cam IQ Indoor features an 8-megapixel 4K sensor with enhanced zoom and the ability to distinguish people from other subjects in defined areas in a 130-degree field of view. Two-way speech is standard, and a Nest Aware subscription lets you control the camera’s face detection, auto close-ups, and motion detection in a specified area.

Nest Cam Outdoor

Google Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

The weatherproof Nest Cam Outdoor features a 3-megapixel sensor, 8x digital zoom and a 130-degree wide-angle field of view. Nest Cam Outdoor uses 8 infrared LED powered Night Vision to record 1080p HD video 24/7, including two-way audio. Connect directly to a Wi-Fi network without a hub and control Nest Cam Outdoor with the Nest app on your smartphone or tablet. With a Nest Aware subscription, you can view up to 30 days of video history, share selected video clips, set specific action areas in the field of view, and send notifications when people enter zones.

Nest Cam Indoor

Google Nest Cam Internal Surveillance Camera

Digital Trends named the latest version of Nest Cam Indoor the best internal surveillance camera for 2020 due to image quality and smart features. The cam’s 4K sensor, HDR and 12x digital zoom can work together to automatically focus on a 130-degree field of view for specific parts. The built-in Nest Cam Indoor includes a two-way call and can be mounted on the included tripod, wall or standard camera stand. If you subscribe to Nest Aware for 30 days of cloud storage, you can create short video clips of the recorded content.

Selecting Nest Cam

Because a mix of different Nest cameras can work in the same system, your choice of Nest Cam for any given location depends on only two factors: Weather protection and the need for additional features. You can use the exterior models inside, but you pay a fee for it. Save money by using Nest Cam Outdoor models only where they need protection from dust and weather. For basic applications, you may not need the advanced features that come with Nest Cam IQ models.

Four Nest cameras share basic features. Cameras differ in their design and intelligent features designed for indoor or outdoor use. All four cameras require wired power connections, record 1080p Full HD video, and support two-way voice. They include a night view, send alerts to your smartphone when they detect motion, and can be configured to record live video 24/7 to the cloud service.

Additional features of the Nest Cam IQ include personal alerts when the camera detects a person, close-up tracking with automatic digital zoom, high-definition TV for clarity with two-way speech, and familiar face alerts to indicate whether the camera has detected a friend or family member or a stranger. With the optional Nest Aware subscription, you can view 5-, 10-, or 30-day video history and set action zones and smart alarms with all Nest cameras. Nest Aware costs $ 5-30 per month depending on the length of the video history.

Are Nest cameras safe?

Google Nest Cams stores the video in a cloud-protected service. The Nest app for watching live videos is also password protected, but you can add security by using 2-step verification for both your Google and Nest accounts.

Do Nest cameras record sound?

Nest Cams records audio by default, but you can disable audio using the Nest app or a Nest Aware subscription.

Are Nest cameras waterproof?

Nest Cam Outdoor is IP65 rated to protect against dust and low pressure water jets. Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is IP66 rated to protect against dust and high pressure water jets. Either outdoor model cannot be immersed in water, but both are protected from rain.

Do Nest cameras work with Alexa?

Nest cameras are compatible with Amazon Alexa voice commands.

Are Nest cameras on the move?

Nest cameras are all motion-activated with a 130-degree wide field of view. Nest Cam IQ models can define activity zones to be monitored so that they do not send alarms in frequently moving areas, such as passing cars.

Do Nest cameras work with Google Assistant?

Nest cameras are compatible with Google Assistant voice commands.

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