Best Apple Watch Deals in July 2021


Are you considering picking up a new Apple Watch? It’s never a bad idea to wait until there are many, and luckily they happen somewhat on a regular basis.

There are currently three Apple Watch models to choose from, all of which support it watchOS 7. The latest model – and the tallest head – is the Apple Watch Series 6, with GPS and cell phone connections, starting at $ 399. If it feels too expensive, you can save about $ 120 by choosing the Apple Watch SE, which was also launched in the fall.

Finally, there is the three-year-old Series 3, by far the cheapest Apple Watch. It has a starting sale price of $ 199, but it often goes on sale. However, if you want something sustainable for the future, you might want to consider two more watches, as it’s not clear how long Apple will provide software updates for the Series 3 watchOS 8. No matter which model you like, we’ve rounded out the best Apple Watch deals below.


  • Apple Watch Series 3 (38mm, GPS): $ 168 Walmart ($ 199)
  • Apple Watch SE (40mm, GPS, white): $ 269 Amazon and Walmart ($ 279)
  • Apple Watch Series 6 (40mm, GPS, red): $ 319 Amazon and Walmart ($399)

The standard price for the 38mm Series 3 is $ 199 ($ ​​229 for 42mm), which is a reasonable price. It’s a great entry-level Apple Watch if you’re looking for a smart watch with reliable battery life and excellent build quality, especially if the SE and Series 6 look like your price range.

Currently, the 38mm Series 3 is $ 168 Walmart either in white or black, which is $ 31 off the cheaper $ 199 price tag. If you are looking for Series 3 at 42 mm, Amazon and Walmart have dropped the price from $ 229 to $ 199.

Starting at $ 279 for the 40mm version or $ 309 for the 44mm, the Apple Watch SE is a good medium carrying case that shares some of the features of the like-minded Series 6, including a built-in accelerometer and handwash detection. However, it doesn’t always have the on-screen display found on Apple’s flagship, and it doesn’t have blood oxygen disorders.

Apple Watch SE (40 mm, GPS)

Apple’s mid-range-wearing Apple Watch SE is a step up from the Series 3, and its features and design are similar to the flagship Series 6.

Currently, you can pick up the SE’s 40mm GPS-equipped white version for $ 269 from both Amazon and Walmart. If you are looking for a larger GPS model, Sam’s Club has several lineups For a 44mm model priced at $ 300, a small discount for members only.

The flagship Apple Watch is available in two sizes, 40mm and 44mm, starting at $ 399 and $ 429, respectively. The Apple Watch Series 6 includes built-in sleep monitoring, a large ecosystem of third-party complications, and more sensors than previous models, including one that allows the device to detect your body’s blood oxygen levels.

Apple Watch Series 6 (40 mm, GPS)

Apple’s latest flagship model features an always-on display and new sensors that allow blood oxygen levels to be monitored.

Currently, offers are relatively scarce on the Series 6 model. However, if you don’t care a little about your wrist, but a 40mm GPS-compatible red configuration is for sale Amazon and Walmart for $ 319. You can also grab a larger 44mm upgrade Amazon and Walmart at $ 349, slightly more than the best price ever.

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