Best Cheap TV Deals: Great 4K TV Deals and Sales in the US in February 2021


The best TV deals have arrived and the latest sales come from several cheap TV brands like Samsung, LG, Sony and many more. Whether you’re looking for a 4K TV offer or more – no matter what size or type of TV you want – we’ve got you involved. Here you will find the best TV deals of the week.

May is a great time to make cheap TV deals thanks to Thanksgiving, which offers huge discounts on last year’s models to make room for the 2021 series and upcoming Memorial Day Sale from retailers such as Best Buy, Walmart and Amazon. Our TV offerings include everything from a medium-sized 50-inch TV to a massive 75-inch TV with features like OLED and voice control, and at a variety of prices to meet all your viewing needs.

We’ve divided our selection of TV offerings into three groups based on screen size: 32-49 inches, 50-59 inches, and 60-85 inches. You’ll also see our selection of the best TV deal of the week – an offer we believe represents the best direct value to most people. This week’s cheap TV deal is this TCL 65-inch 4K QLED TV on sale for $ 949.99 (was $ 1299.99).

As always, this is a living list that is updated daily, so you can be confident that you will see the best cheap TV deals around.

Week cheap TV offer

TCL 65-inch 6-Series 4K UHD QLED Roku TV: $ 1299.99 $ 948 on Amazon
Save $ 352 –
This week’s TV deal is a versatile TCL 65-inch 4K TV that sells on Amazon for $ 948. The QLED offers a stunning picture with bright colors and deep contrasts, and features a Roku experience and a convenient audio remote control.
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32-49 inch cheap TV deals

TCL 32-inch HD LED Roku Smart TV: $ 199.99 $ 133 at Walmart
Save $ 63 –
If you’re working with a small space, Walmart has this TCL 32-inch HD TV on sale for just $ 133. With the built-in Roku experience, you get smart features so you can stream your favorite content from the TV home screen.
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TCL 43-inch HD LED Roku Smart TV: $ 429.99 $ 259.99 at Walmart
Save $ 170 –
For just $ 260, you can pick up this TCL 43-inch HD TV from Walmart. This low-cost TV deal includes the Roku experience of seamless streaming and works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control.
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Insignia 43-inch 4K TV: $ 319.99 At Best Buy, $ 279.99
Save $ 40 –
This Insignia 43-inch Fire-compatible TV is just $ 279.99 and offers a great budget price on Best Buy’s 4K TV deals. This already cheap TV offers a particularly attractive discount this week thanks to HDR, DTS studio sound and a huge selection of channels thanks to the Fire operating system.
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50-59 inch cheap TV deals

Insignia 50-inch LED 4K UHD Smart Fire TV: $ 379.99 $ 339.99 at Best Buy
Save $ 40 –
Equipped with first-class features, Best Buy is offering this Insignia 50-inch 4K TV offer for just $ 339.99. The smart TV has a built-in Fire experience for seamless streaming, and you get an Alexa audio remote control for hands-free control.
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Toshiba 50-inch 4K UHD Smart Fire TV: $ 429.99 $ 349.99 at Best Buy
Save $ 80 –
One of our favorite TV deals this week is this Toshiba 50-inch 4K series, priced at just $ 349.99. The smart TV has a built-in Fire experience for easy streaming and includes an Alexa-compatible audio remote control.
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Hisense 55-inch H65 Series 4K UHD TV: $ 399.99 $ 379.99 at Best Buy
Save $ 50 –
For a great price, this Hisense 55-inch series is on sale for $ 349, 99 at Best Buy’s latest sale. The 4K Ultra HD TV features smart features and works with Google Assistant for hands-free control.
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Insignia 55-inch 4K UHD Smart Fire TV: $ 429.99 On Amazon, $ 389.99
Save $ 40 –
You can pick up this 55-inch 4K TV for only $ 389.99 from Amazon. This smart TV contract has a built-in Fire experience, so you can stream your favorite apps like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video from the TV home screen.
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VIZIO V-Series 50-inch 4K UHD TV: $ 799 $ 419.99 at Walmart
Save $ 380
– You can get a huge $ 380 discount on this versatile Vizio 4K TV at Walmart. This cheap TV deal includes smart features and delivers bright, bold colors and sharp contrasts thanks to Dolby Vision HDR and 4K HD resolution.
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TCL 50-inch 5-Series 4K UHD Roku QLED TV: $ 599.99 $ 429.99 at Walmart
Save $ 140 –
Walmart is packed with premium features, and this TCL 50-inch 4K QLED TV is on sale for $ 430. Get a cinematic picture experience with Quantum Dot technology, voice control and a built-in Roku experience.
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LG 55-inch NanoCell 85 Series 4K TV: $ 849.99 $ 799.99 on Best Buy
Save $ 50 –
The LG NanoCell TV offers incredible picture quality for a 4K screen, which explains its higher starting price. However, with a $ 50 discount on the latest Best Buy 4K TV deals, you can pick up a premium panel and break the $ 800 mark.
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60-85 inch cheap TV deals

Samsung 70-inch 7 Series 4K UHD Smart Tizen TV: $ 749.99 $ 699.99 on Best Buy
Save $ 50 –
At Best Buy’s latest sale, this Samsung 70-inch 4K TV is on sale for $ 699.99. Get a cinematic image experience with Crystal Processor 4K, and PurColor technology produces bright, bold images with sharp contrast.
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Sony 65-inch X750H Series 4K Ultra HD Smart TV: $ 749.99 $ 699.99 on Best Buy
Save $ 50 –
You can save $ 50 with this stunning 65-inch Sony X750H LED 4K TV this week at Best Buy. This is one of Sony’s latest 4K processors and their 4K X-Reality PRO technology to scale a sharper image. This is a great way to get a high-tech television in your living room for less.
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Hisense 75-inch H65 series 4K UHD TV: $ 799.99 $ 769.99 at Best Buy
Save $ 30 –
This Hisense may be on the cheaper side of things, but that doesn’t mean it’s not packed to the brim with great features, and with a $ 30 discount, you also get a fantastic price. With a built-in Google Assistant and Chromecast, you can get started great, and you also get Motion Rate 120 and DTS Sound Studio.
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LG 65-inch 4K UHD NanoCell Smart TV: $ 999.99 $ 899.99 on Best Buy
Save $ 100
– At Best Buy, this LG 65-inch 4K TV is priced at $ 899.99 this week. This 4K TV deal features a stunning 65-inch NanoCell display that delivers natural images with bold, bright colors and sharp contrasts.Show offer

TCL 65-inch 6-Series 4K UHD QLED Roku TV: $ 1299.99 $ 948 on Amazon
Save $ 352 –
Amazon has an impressive $ 350 + price reduction on the 2021 TCL 6 Series TV. The QLED offers a stunning picture with bright colors and deep contrasts, and features a Roku experience and a convenient audio remote control.
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TCL 75-inch 5-Series 4K QLED Roku TV: $ 1199.99 $ 998 on Amazon
Save $ 202:
Incredible TV deal – you’ll find a $ 200 discount on the 2021 TCL QLED TV. This feature-packed 75-inch series delivers bold, vivid colors and true-to-life images thanks to Quantum dot technology and Dolby Vision HDR, and you’ll also get a Roku experience with seamless streaming.
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Frequently asked Questions

Where can I find the best cheap TV deals?

Amazon and Best Buy usually offer the best cheap TV deals all year round, stocks in both newer releases and some old favorites. They’re a particularly good place to pick up TVs because you know you’ll get the full warranty and support you might not get if you opt for a cheaper TV deal on an auction site like eBay.

Other top retailers include Samsung, Dell, B&H Photo and Crutchfield, all of which offer excellent value for money and excellent warranties. Below we have provided a list as well as some links to your favorite retailers so you can check out the latest TV deals for yourself.

How to find out if cheap TV deals are worth it

Cheap TV deals can often try to impress by offering a wide range of incomprehensible features and technical scams that may seem quite impressive on paper, but often deceive in reality.

For this reason, we recommend that you always evaluate a cheap TV offer based on accepted standards and features in the industry. Be looking for HDR compatibility, 4K resolution, and widely used smart home platforms like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. While these may seem like too blatant terms, comparing these features can give you a good basis to compare the myriad of cheap TV deals that are out there.

Another TechRadar recommendation is to review last year’s models, which are often found at an absolutely affordable price compared to new releases. Often, newer models have only small iterative improvements over last year’s version, so sometimes you can skip the latest features (which you may not need) and pick up a great TV deal at a lower cost.

When is the best time to pick up cheap TV deals?

The good news is that cheap TV deals can be found at all the big retailers all year round. Week by week out there is always something on sale for products like Best Buy and Amazon – many of which we’ve rounded out in this article here.

However, many large retailers want to lower the prices of these cheap TV deals even lower during many seasonal sales events each year. You will see some of the best deals during the year Black Friday and The main day sales at amazing discounts from retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart.

Last year, we saw pretty big TV sales during these events, including some pretty brand new 2020 releases. However, be sure to bookmark this page as we also have all the best cheap TV deals every week outside of seasonal events.


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